WCMU Public Television
A Service of Central Michigan University

Why can’t I watch WCMZ Channel 28?
WCMZ Channel 28 was sold as part of the FCC Spectrum auction and will cease broadcasting on April 23. We stopped soliciting for donations from your area in March 2017 after the sale was announced. You will still be able to stream on your computer, smart TV (by using devices such as Apple TV, ROKU, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick), or a mobile device, most of what we broadcast if you are a WCMU Passport member at $60/year or higher. If that is not what you would like to do, we do want to thank you for your past support of WCMU.

Why did you keep airing fundraising programming when you knew you were going to go off the air?
Only within the last few weeks have we acquired the technology to operate a separate programming schedule for the area served by WCMZ. Prior to that, we were unable to have different programs on the WCMZ TV channel. Since over 98% of all donations made during our TV Fund Drives were eligible for a thank you gift, we knew that people were, in most cases, making the donation in order to receive a gift in return. We stopped asking for donations in all other ways, such as sending letters to donors in the WCMZ area, as soon as the sale was announced. 
Why did you sell the station?
Central Michigan University decided to participate in the Spectrum Auction because nearly all viewers will continue to have access to PBS through other sources. As an institution of higher education, students are CMU’s core mission and resources must be focused on their success.
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What did you get for it?
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How do I get PBS programming now?

  • If available in your area, Charter Cable, AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, and Dish Network, will still be carrying WCMU Public Television in many areas. Please check with your local provider for carriage.

  • You may still stream most of the programs WCMU airs on WCMU Passport. wcmu.org/passport
  • You may receive WDCQ Saginaw, WKAR East Lansing, or WTVS Detroit, with either an antenna or via cable or satellite TV.