Maple River conservation efforts come to a close

A four year, half-million dollar conservation project is wrapping up at mid-Michigan’s largest wetland complex.

The Maple River State Game Area in Clinton and Gratiot counties is home to what waterfowlers say are some of the best duck hunting grounds in the country. However, years of flooding and natural damming left the habitat in need of some tender loving care.

Russ Mason is chief of the Department of National Resources wildlife department. He says he’s proud to be able to do these kinds of restorations.

“You know at the end of the day working with wildlife is a whole lot better than working for a living. We have the opportunity to do things for species and for conservation that we think are really important. None of my people think of what they do to be a job. Every single one of ‘em considers this an avocation, and frankly an honor, to be able to do something that they love every single day with the bonus that we’re doing something for the people of the state of Michigan.

The $500,000 invested in Maple River have led to miles of repairs to dykes and streams, as well as new hardware to help regulate the water levels of the area.

Physical repairs aren’t the only changes to Maple River, regulatory changes have already taken place as well. A seasonal sanctuary for ducks has been carved out of the Maple River property which has already led to higher waterfowl populations.

Maple River is a 9-thousand acre ecosystem that contributes to Michigan’s $4.7-billion hunting, fishing, and trapping industry.

State library to host Michigan Nautical Gathering


Michigan is home to 3,000 miles of coastline and surrounded by the largest freshwater source in the world. The Michigan Nautical Gathering, being held next month in Lansing, will show our appreciation for it.
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DNR offers chance to name next hiking and biking trail

The proposed routes for the new trail.

The proposed routes for the new trail.

Have you looked at the name of a street or park and thought ‘Man, I could do better than that!?!’ Well, here’s your chance.

The Department of Natural Resources is holding a contest to name the newest bike and hiking trail that will span the length of Michigan.

It will run from Belle Isle park near Detroit, up to Ironwood on the North-West side of the Upper Peninsula.

The trail consists of two separate routes, one for biking and another for hiking. The hiking route will take you closer to the West side of the state near Grand Rapids. The bike trail holds closer to the East. Both routes will combine existing trails to be slightly over 1,000 miles when finished.

Jacquelyn Baker of the DNR says this will be great for those who live along the trail.

“The Biggest thing is that it has a lot to do with the community. It’s not a brand new trail where we’re doing it independently, it’s really community based. So we really want people to be able to experience the many communities and appreciate all the businesses that it will actually run through.”

You have until October 13th to submit your best trail-name, and the trail is expected to be completed next Fall.

The DNR is offering the winner a choice of three different prizes that will showcase what the trail has to offer.

More information on how to vote is right here.

Bra decorating, chocolate and wine for women’s health services

Mid Michigan Health Courtesy photo.

Mid Michigan Health Courtesy photo.

Mark your calendars if you want an afternoon filled with wine, chocolate and bras.

MidMichigan Health is teaming up with businesses in Clare County to host “Bras for a Cause”. It’s an event raising money for women’s health care services.

Millie Jezior is with Mid Michigan Health. She said people can decorate bras for auction and the money goes towards breast cancer prevention. Read more

Libertarian thinktank ranks Michigan 32 in highways

Despite all of the construction Michigan drivers seem to encounter during the warmer months, the state has a mediocre highway system – this according to a national, libertarian thinktank organization.

A new report by the Reason Foundation ranks Michigan 32 in highway performance and cost-effectiveness.
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