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Transmitter work to affect 89.5FM in central Michigan

Broadcast tower of WCMU-FM 89.5 Mt. Pleasant.

Broadcast tower of WCMU-FM 89.5 Mt. Pleasant.

On Monday, November 14, CMU Public Radio will begin a major upgrade of our broadcast equipment for 89.5FM, serving Mount Pleasant, Midland, Big Rapids, Saginaw and surrounding communities. This will, at times over the next week and a half, have a significant impact on your ability to listen to CMU Public Radio in central Michigan. Continue reading

Michigan to expect colder temperatures in December

After a warmer than normal November, meteorologists said we can expect normal temperatures throughout the month of December.

Meteorologists said November saw some of the highest temperatures recorded for the month. They predict a turn around in December.Temperatures are expected to drop into the low to mid thirties, and by the end of the month,high temperatures likely in the upper twenties.

Andy Sullivan is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gaylord. He said snow is in the forecast for upcoming weeks.

“We’re seeing a pattern change right now, cold air is building up over northern and central Canada, and a piece is actually gonna come in here later this week. And we’re probably gonna get some decent lake effect snow, and that pattern should continue for the next few weeks.”

Sullivan said get ready for more snow and cold weather.

Stein campaign asks 2 GOP justices to withdraw from recount case

votedGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s campaign is asking two Michigan Supreme Court justices to refrain from making decisions on the legal challenge to the statewide ballot recount. That’s because they’ve been named by President-elect Donald Trump as potential nominees to the US Supreme Court.
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Obesity and diabetes are among the top health care concerns of northern Michigan residents


Obesity and diabetes are a couple of the top health care concerns of northern Michigan residents. This according to the new study released this week by Munson Healthcare.

This year, the Community Health Needs Assessment showed community concerns include prenatal health, substance abuse, and access to health care. Continue reading

CMU faculty member honored for advocacy work and blog about infantile spasms

© Nathaniel Knobel Ellen Wehrman and her family

© Nathaniel Knobel
Ellen Wehrman and her family

This week is Infantile Spasms Awareness Week, and a Central Michigan University faculty member is bringing awareness to the disease, that can end fatally if left untreated.

Ellen Wehrman was honored this past weekend for her work to raise awareness for infantile spasms. Continue reading

Child advocacy group in northern Michigan looking for a place to store their new mobile unit for the winter


A child advocacy center in northern Michigan is hoping to use their new mobile unit throughout the winter to reach children in rural areas.

They’re searching for a place to keep the unit warm when it’s not in use. Continue reading

Snyder says Michigan needs to invest billions in infrastructure

moneyA panel of business and government experts appointed by Governor Rick Snyder says Michigan needs to invest billions more in infrastructure spending.

The 21st century infrastructure commission says Michigan should raise infrastructure spending by four billion dollars each year.

That’s to fix its aging water, transportation, energy and communications systems.

It says Michigan spends less on infrastructure than the national state-average.

Evan Weiner is the C.O.O of Edward C. Levy Company. HE chaired the DEL commission.

“The point is, is that it’s going to take us a long time to get it done. But if we don’t decide to start today, it’s going to be a heck of a lot more expensive tomorrow.”

He says instead of pinning down a specific funding strategy, the report outlines a “menu” of potential funding options.

Scientist who brought attention to Flint crisis says city’s water quality is on the rise

file0001763074512A Virginia Tech professor released a study last week outlining the current quality of Flint’s drinking water and linking the use of Flint river water to an increase in Legionella cases.

In 2015 Professor Marc Edwards and his team helped raise the alarm about Flint’s drinking water.

CMU’s Ben Thorp sat down with Marc to talk about the study and the current state of Flint’s water.

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Over 2 million pounds of food have been delivered to Flint so far this year

food pantry-1As much as 400 thousand pounds of food are delivered to Flint residents every month. This according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The effort is part of a program that offers free high-nutrient foods available to residents to offset lead exposure.

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