Bill could make it easier for domestic abuse victims to end cell phone contracts


Ending a cell phone plan early can be costly. But now a new set of bills in Lansing could make it easier for domestic abuse victims to get out of a contract.

It can cost up to five hundred dollars to terminate a phone plan, it can be even harder to transfer numbers.

A new proposal in the state House would help victims of partner abuse separate from shared wireless or phone contracts, with a court order, even if they aren’t on the plan. Continue reading

Kalamazoo shooter bound over to Circuit Court

gavelKalamazoo mass shooting suspect Jason Brian Dalton has been bound over to Circuit Court for trial. That’s the result of a hearing in District Court today. Dalton had to be removed from the hearing after an outburst at a witness. He’s accused of killing six people and seriously injuring two others February 20th.

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Cornish was among those who testified today. She watched as her boyfriend and his father were shot to death at a car dealership. Cornish says she saw Dalton approach them, then pulled out a gun and started shooting:

Dalton was in court as the hearing began. But he was dragged away by officers after yelling at shooting survivor Tiana Carruthers as she testified, causing her to break down on the witness stand. She finished her testimony after a recess.

Dalton removed from courtroom following outbreak

jail imageA Kalamazoo County District judge says there’s enough evidence to send mass shooting suspect Jason Brian Dalton to trial in Circuit Court. The ruling came today (Friday) after a hearing where Dalton had to be removed after an outburst. He’s accused of fatally shooting six people and seriously wounding two more as he drove around Kalamazoo February 20. Prosecutors called several witnesses, including shooting survivor Tiana Carruthers.

As Carruthers testified, Dalton began to talk. Later he tried to stand up, causing Carruthers to break down on the witness stand.

Sheriff’s deputies dragged Dalton out of the courtroom and he watched the rest of the hearing from jail via a video link.

Former CMU professor arrested on child porn charges, full court docs

mark ranzenberger

A former Central Michigan University journalism professor was arrested Thursday on child pornography charges. On Friday, federal officials released details on the charges against Mark Ranzenberger.

Ranzenberger was arrested May 19 on charges of possessing child pornography. Investigators say they discovered more than a thousand sexually explicit images of girls under the age of 12 on Ranzenberger’s work computer. Continue reading

PBS WWII history documentary being shown in Traverse City this weekend

Photo courtesy: PBS

Photo courtesy: PBS

History that was largely forgotten is now resurfacing in the form of a documentary on PBS.

Heroes on Deck focuses on the history of World War II aircraft carriers found at the bottom of Lake Michigan and the pilots that trained on them.

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum is planning to pre-screen the film before it airs on PBS. Continue reading