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Advocates hope state will reverse new Medicaid policy

hospital 11-08-13Patient advocates and hospital-affiliated HMOs say a decision to drop them from the state’s Medicaid program will impose hardships on the people they serve.

They say thousands of low-income patients could be forced to change physicians and treatment programs if the decision stands.
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Jeb Bush says slimmed-down tax code, fewer enviro regs would help Michigan

Bush0528-fotoFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush says a slimmed-down tax code and fewer environmental regulations would boost the economies of manufacturing states – and promises to adopt that sort of “pro-growth” strategy should make the Republican ticket attractive to voters in industrial states like Michigan and Pennsylvania come November of 2016.
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Snyder backs energy plan headed to state House floor

Snyder_courtesy_4Governor Rick Snyder has thrown his support behind an energy plan that could be voted on soon by the state House.

The plan would make it harder for customers to move between the utilities and alternative suppliers of electricity. The governor says that would help utilities plan new construction as 19 coal-fired plants are about to shut down.
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DeBoer-Rowse complete family adoptions

gavelThe final step in the legal journey for April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse took place today (Thu.) in an Oakland County courtroom, where they finalized adoptions for their children. DeBoer and Rowse are the couple who successfully challenged Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban.
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Lawmakers want to put Michigan on Central time

3F0x632NTwo state lawmakers have forged a bipartisan effort to take Michigan off Daylight Saving Time. If they get their way, Sunday would be the final time Michiganders have to re-set their clocks to accommodate the time change.
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Appeals court says county violated rights of anti-Muslim demonstrators

6th Circuit Court of AppealsThe US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Wayne County violated the speech and religious rights of a Christian group that demonstrated at an Arab ethnic festival in Dearborn.

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Calley signs powdered alcohol ban

Brian CalleyThe sale or possession of powdered alcohol will soon be outlawed in Michigan, with exceptions for hospitals and researchers at universities. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley signed the bill Wednesday morning because Governor Rick Snyder was in Canada.

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