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Snyder says it’s “possible” he deleted Flint-related e-mails

Snyder_courtesy_4Governor Rick Snyder now says it’s possible he deleted some e-mails related to Flint, even though he earlier told a congressional committee that he had not. The governor still insists it’s unlikely he deleted any Flint-related e-mails, it’s just not impossible.
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Detroit schools EM: Bankruptcy no option

School desksThe emergency manager of Detroit’s public schools says he thinks there should be changes to the state’s emergency manager law. Former federal bankruptcy judge Stephen Rhodes is the district’s fourth emergency manager in seven years.

He says the law focuses too much on finances.

Rhodes appeared on the Michigan Public Television show “Off The Record.” Rhodes says a state financial rescue of Detroit’s schools is necessary because bankruptcy is not a viable alternative for the district. Rhodes presided over the city of Detroit bankruptcy.

Obama says Flint children “will be fine”

President_Barack_ObamaPresident Obama was in Flint today (Wed.). He called the city’s drinking water crisis a man-made tragedy. But he also said anti-government crusades have discouraged critical investments in infrastructure.

Addressing a crowd of about a thousand people gathered in a high school gym, the president promised a sustained federal effort to help Flint recover

The president it will be years before all the water lines in the city are safe. In the mean time, he said, people should feel safe drinking tap water – as long as it’s filtered.

Snyder booed by Flint crowd at POTUS event

Snyder_courtesy_4Governor Rick Snyder took the stage to face an angry crowd in Flint today (Wed.). About a thousand people were gathered in a high school gymnasium to hear President Obama’s address in the city’s drinking water crisis. Many booed as the governor spoke for about two and a half minutes.
Governor Snyder is widely blamed in Flint for decisions that led to lead-tainted drinking water.
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Snyder: Flint water promise resumes following international trip

Snyder_courtesy_4Governor Rick Snyder arrives back home tomorrow (Sat.) following a week-long economic development trip to Europe.

The governor attended a manufacturing conference in Germany, toured a skilled trade training center in Switzerland, met with auto industry executives in Italy, and checked out state-of-the-art water infrastructure in The Netherlands – which, he says could serve as a model for lead pipe replacement in Flint.

The governor says he will resume his promise to drink filtered water from Flint for 30 days once he’s back.

“So I’ll be back drinking Flint water this weekend.”

The governor says he’ll add at least seven days of drinking Flint water to make up for the week he was in Europe.

Health chief: Ebola distracted from Genesee County Legionnaire’s outbreak

flintThe state’s health director says an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Genesee County did not get the attention it deserved from his agency. He says it was partially due to the department’s focus on a different health threat that never materialized.
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