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State Senate sends budget cuts to Gov. Snyder that divert surplus school aid dollars

State lawmakers have approved diverting surplus school aid revenues to help close a $500 billion dollar budget hole.

The legislation would shift $250 million dollars in money originally earmarked for the state’s School Aid Fund. Another bill in the package would make cuts to several state departments. Continue reading

Pro-gun groups blast state Senate for passing “no-carry zone” exemption


Retired federal law enforcement officials would be able to carry concealed weapons in “no carry zones” under a bill approved by the state Senate. The bill got overwhelming bipartisan support. Continue reading

State House panel to take up a dozen gun bills after Snyder vetoes last month


Legislation to overhaul the way Michigan issues concealed pistol licenses (CPLs) and regulates air guns will get a committee hearing on Tuesday in Lansing. A state House panel will take up a dozen bills similar to ones recently vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

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Democrats renew push for no-reason absentee voting in Michigan

Democratic state lawmakers are again hoping to allow no-reason absentee voting in Michigan.

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has said recently that more people who have died or moved out of state must be removed from the state’s voter registration database before lawmakers will agree to stop putting conditions on who can vote absentee.
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Film credits could be back on chopping block as officials look to close budget hole


Ending Michigan’s film incentive program could be part of a solution to close a large hole in the state budget. A new bill in the state House would end Michigan’s film credits in October. Continue reading