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DNR is offering a reward in Montmorency County elk poaching cold-case

DNR officials are kicking off elk season by asking for the public’s help to track down a poacher.

The case happened last December in Montmorency County.

Debbie Munson Badini is a spokesperson for the DNR.
She said the head and antlers of an elk were taken as a trophy, but the rest of the animal was left behind. Read more

University research project takes to the sky to help threatened Great Lakes species

Pitcher's Thistle.  Photo by Steve Jessmore. CMU

Pitcher’s Thistle. Photo by Steve Jessmore. CMU

A rare plant species that calls the Great Lakes Region home is now getting attention from researchers; from up in the air.

Researchers are using the technology to map where the Pitcher’s thistle plant lives. It’s something officials typically do by counting in person. One by one. Read more

State Parks hosting “Threatened and Endangered Species Week”

Piping Plover.

Piping Plover.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, how about taking some time to learn about piping plovers or pitcher’s thistle.

Michigan state parks are wrapping up “Threatened and Endangered Species Week”. The week is intended to raise awareness of Michigan flora and fauna in trouble. Read more

CDC says adults need vaccines too

It’s nearly time for school to start again and parents may be thinking of what vaccines the kids need, but health officials say adults need vaccines too.

The Center for Disease Control is offering an online quiz adults can take to find out what vaccines are recommended for them.

Angela Minicuci is a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Community Health.

“For a number of vaccines the vaccine effectiveness essentially wanes after a number of years and it does vary by vaccine,” Minicuci said, “And as our body ages as we grow older we want to make sure that we have the most up-to-date protection in our body to protect ourselves.”

She said in addition to helping adults stay healthy, vaccines help curb the spread of illness to others.

“As adults we need to make sure that we are protecting ourselves so that number one we don’t get sick,” Minicuci said, “But number two as we are caring for children as we come into contact with children who are much more vulnerable to these diseases that we’re protecting them as well.”

Minicuci said the vaccines adults need depend on things like age, gender and health conditions. Those are things the CDC quiz asks about.

She said one great tool for adults is the Michigan Care Improvement Registry, which is an online resource for patients where they can see what vaccines they have had.

She said not all doctors use MCIR. To access vaccine records through MCIR, patients need to mail or fax a request form to the MDCH.

What vaccines do you need? Adolescent and adult vaccine quiz

Michigan Care Improvement Registry Request an official immunization record

Kids with arthritis attend specialized summer camp

Courtesy Photo.

Courtesy Photo.

For many kids, summer camp is a time to get outside, get away from the classroom and just be a kid.
For children with medical needs, though, summer camp can be a pipe dream.

But one camp in Lapeer county welcomes kids with special needs; children who have arthritis.
According to the Arthritis Foundation in Michigan more than 10,000 kids in Michigan and more than 300,000 kids in the U.S. have juvenile arthritis.

Kara Dorda is Program Director for Camp Dakota and the Arthritis Foundation in Michigan. Read more

Biomass energy being made easier in Michigan due to USDA program

Solar and wind power often get attention, but another alternative power source has officials looking in the woods.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding a program to improve diversity in biomass crops. The feds want to encourage things like poplar trees or certain types of grasses; Crops other than corn or soybeans which are already commonly used by power plants to create clean energy. Read more

Breakfast on the Farm presents event in Mecosta County

Breakfast foods like bacon, eggs and pancakes are commonplace on kitchen tables around the country.

On August 16, a Mescota county farm will welcome guests in for a free breakfast, and show people how modern agriculture works.

Michigan State University launched these “Breakfast on the Farm” events five years ago. It’s an effort to educate people who don’t live on farms about agriculture. Read more

Declining Wood Turtle populations lead researchers to take eggs from nests

It’s usually a bad thing to take baby animals out of the wild, but that is just what one instructor has been doing to help Michigan turtles.

Wood Turtle populations in Michigan have long been struggling. Officials say because of natural, and human factors.

Jim Harding is with MSU’s Zoology Department. He has been taking eggs from nesting sites as part of his research to givie them a headstart so they can avoid predators early on. Read more