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Remembering the 1901 Train Crash

P1380327There was a horrible train crash that happened in a farm field in Michigan in 1901. 100 Italian immigrants were killed. And they were buried in an unmarked grave. That story has always haunted one local man. And inspired him to solve the mystery of where they were buried. He also hopes his gesture is one small way of helping history not repeat itself…when it comes to how poorly we have sometimes treated immigrants.
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Sanders accuses Trump

trumbsandersMeeting with Michigan delegates today [Thursday]… Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders accused Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump of being a demagogue…who should never become president of the United States.

“We will do everything we can to defeat a candidate who insults Latinos and Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African-Americans.”

Sanders urged his most loyal supporters to back Hillary Clinton for president in November.

Several Michigan delegates say they can’t vote for the Democratic presidential nominee in November. They plan to vote for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Head of Democratic Party asking delegates not to boo

DSC06291The head of Michigan’s Democratic Party is asking his delegates to not boo the speakers at tonight’s [Tuesday’s] Democratic National Convention.

Monday…it seemed whenever Bernie Sanders supporters were booing DNC speakers…television networks panned over to the Michigan delegation.

Rapid Sanders supporters in the delegation defaced pro-Hillary Clinton signs…and heartily booed the mention of her name.

Michigan State Party Chairman Brandon Dillon asked the delegates to be more respectful tonight..

“Obviously we’re not here to censor people but we want to encourage people to make sure we have a productive dialogue and discussion.

Sanders delegates say they will continue to support their candidate.

Utah Senator Oren Hatch on Donald Trump

Trump Birch Run Press Conference 2Utah U-S Senator Oren Hatch told Michigan’s Republicans to vote for Donald Trump in November … because he says the alternative for president “couldn’t be worse.”

Hatch spoke to the state’s delegation to the Republican National Convention this morning.

“The reason we got to win this presidency is because the next president is going to have three to five members of the United States Supreme Court to nominate. And I can’t begin to tell you if it’s Hillary Clinton, we will be set back for well into a couple of generations.”

Hatch also spoke about his admiration for Michigan’s Paul Ryan…..referring to the Speaker of the House, who’s actually from Wisconsin.

An aide says the 82 year old Senator “misspoke.”

U.S Department of Justice aiming to prevent oil spills

DSC02249The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice aim to prevent future oil spills through a settlement with Enbridge Energy. Enbridge has agreed to pay out 177 million dollars for oil spills in the Kalamazoo River and Romeoville, Illinois.

Michigan State University has predicted an outbreak of West Nile in Michigan

D-18335-015 Bike Ride Summer 2014The wetter the summer, the more mosquitoes you’re likely to find outside. In hot, dry summers like this there are fewer mosquitoes, but the ones there are are a greater threat. That’s because West Nile virus spreads more easily in warm weather. This summer Michigan State University has predicted an outbreak of West Nile in Michigan. WMUK’s Rebecca Thiele tells us more about these virus-carrying mosquitoes and why bug spray isn’t going to help.
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State bans chum in trout streams

e8bd46b6f17f558547adb749a42dd826Anglers won’t be able to use chum while fishing on many Michigan trout streams. “Chumming” is where a fisherman throws bait into the water to lure fish. Some anglers say the practice is unethical. The Natural Resources Commission made the decision to ban chumming in certain trout streams yesterday after hearing from more than 250 anglers at its monthly meeting.
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House Democrats try to make voting easier with a constitutional amendment

Michigan-State-HouseState House Democrats are calling for a voters’ bill of rights in the Michigan Constitution. Voting has been a hot-button issue in the Legislature this election year. Democrats say they want to reverse Republican efforts to end straight-ticket voting, and make it harder to vote absentee.
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Detroit police officer being investigated

keyboardFor the second time in as many days… a Detroit Police Officer is being investigated for an inappropriate social media post. Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the most recent controversy involves an African American Sergeant who is being reassigned and put on restricted duty while the investigation is underway.
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