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Rising Tide

>Gov Rick SnyderGovernor Rick Snyder launched a statewide initiative in River Rouge yesterday to stimulate economic growth in cities across the state.
The program… called Rising Tide… will provide development tools and leadership to one community in each of the state’s ten economic regions. Snyder says the effort aims to decrease unemployment and poverty rates.
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Redistricting Town Hall

LMV logoThe League of Women Voters in Michigan is hosting 30 town hall meetings around the state to address redistricting.

The league is advocating for an independent commission to draw the lines for Congressional…State House…and Senate districts…instead of letting politicians draw them. Continue reading

MI vs HP

6th Circuit Court of AppealsThe Michigan Secretary of State is suing Hewlett-Packard for failing to upgrade the computer systems in 131 offices.

The tech provider did not complete the 49 million dollar upgrade by the 2010 deadline…and stopped providing technical support after the contract was terminated this summer.
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Petoskey State Park dealing with trash problem

Matt Mikus/Petoskey News-Review Petoskey State Park director Dennis McDermott shows a collection of trash found on the state park beach.

Matt Mikus/Petoskey News-Review Petoskey State Park director Dennis McDermott shows a collection of trash found on the state park beach.

The shoreline of Petoskey State Park has been plagued with trash when heavy winds hit the bay.
But local park officials aren’t sure where all the trash is coming from.
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State Police cracking down on seat belt laws this weekend

Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police is working to prevent accidents this holiday weekend. Additional patrols are set to watch highways for speeding, distracted driving, and tailgating. Lieutenant Michael Shaw said troopers are also running a “Click It Or Ticket” enforcement campaign. Continue reading

Health study looking for participants 50 years or older


Saginaw Valley State University is looking for people to help with an upcoming health study.

The study will be conducted in several waves of 12-week long classes. Participants must be 50 years and older.

Some of the participants will focus on eating healthy, others will increase physical activity. The goal is to study the effectiveness of each. Continue reading

Eight communities receive last of DEQ water quality monitoring grants

aboutDEQ_480120_7The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has awarded over $300,000 in water quality grants to eight universities, local governments and nonprofit organizations across the state.

One of the grants is going to the Clinton Conservation District in Clinton County, to track E.coli contamination in the Upper Maple River using canines. Continue reading

UAW Membership grows to largest point since 2008


U-A-W membership grew to 400,000 people last year. That’s the largest the union has been since 2008. Kristin Dziczek is the Director of the Labor and Industry Group for the Center for Automotive Research. She says the U-A-W has been expanding for the past five years… but she’s not sure if the trend will continue.

“They represent teaching assistants, graduate students, at a number of universities. They also have a very high profile campaign to organize some of the southern automotive plants that are not yet members of the UAW.”

Dziczek says the union has experienced recent success recruiting members from higher education institutions… as well as from automotive plants in the Southern U-S.

“This is a cyclical industry, and after years and years of upticks, people who have been around for a while know that there’s a downturn coming at some point. So as long as, you know, a majority of the UAW membership is made up in the auto industry, they’re going to be subject to those cyclical changes in that industry.”

Dziczek also says at the peak of the auto industry, the U-A-W had about 650,000 members. She says the union will be renegotiating contracts with Detroit automakers this year.

This story was provided by WDET’s Marissa Gawel.

100,000 people in Michigan deal with vision impairment

A new report from The Vision Council shows that an increasing number of people with vision problems is costing the U.S. billions of dollars in health care and lost productivity.

One in twenty-eight Americans have vision impairment.
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Local author presents her father’s World War II journey as told through his letters home

Theresa IrishAuthor Teresa Irish will bring what she calls a story of love, faith and World War II to the Clare and Harrison Libraries March 10.

It was Memorial day weekend 2006, one month after her father’s death, that Irish opened his army trunk, searching for one last connection with her father.
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