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State issues $113 million dollars to seven Michigan universities

A mistake that was repeated annually for 19 years will cost the state over $112 million, as refunds CMURefundare issued to seven different universities.

The refund is tied to payments to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. The system had been over billing the universities for nearly two decades.
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Retailers hit deadline to upgrade credit and debit card machines

Some 10% of Americans were victim to credit card fraud in 2014. That’s according to the Federal Trade Commission.creditcards

Credit card companies are hoping new technology – launched in many areas yesterday – will help curb the problem of fraud. Continue reading

Downton Abbey Series Finale


Downton Abbey Season 6.

A show that has given PBS many record breaking nights and is loved by many around the world, nears it’s final season.

PBS is ready to close the door on Downton Abbey. The show debuted in 2010. The 6th and final season will premier in January. Continue reading

Saginaw Art Museum featuring a different type of artist- Katherine Gonso Mitchell

The Saginaw Art Museum is expanding into a different kind of artist- an avant-garde stylist who was popular in the Tri-Cities in the 1960s and 70s.


Gonso acrylic painting from 1966 titled “Dragonfly.”

The Artisan Wing of the Saginaw Art Museum is known to feature contemporary artists. This time around it decided to feature artist Katherine Gonso Mitchell. Continue reading

E.coli levels very high in Mid-Michigan’s Pine River

Residents of the Gratiot county area are being warned this week the Pine River is unsafe for any type of contact.

The river tested positive for E.coli levels ten times higher than the EPA’s safety standard.

The Mid-Michigan Health Department says the water is unsafe for fishing, swimming and any body contact. Continue reading

Michigan receives five year grant to increase screening rates of colorectal cancer





The Centers for Disease Control has awarded Michigan a five year grant to increase the number of colorectal cancer screenings.

State officials say currently, 72% of adults receive the screening. They’d like to see that number increase to 80% by 2018. Continue reading

State Senate approves legislation that would resolve the former Buena Vista’s School District debt

The former Buena Vista School District’s remaining debt is one step closer to being paid off.

The Saginaw County district was dissolved back in 2013, but still has a debt totaling $660,000.
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Saginaw Bay Conservation and Development awarded federal grant to work on Great Lakes restoration

saginaw bay conA central Michigan organization has been awarded a federal grant to help restore the Great Lakes and its watersheds.

The Saginaw Bay Conservation and Development Center was awarded a $30,000 grant to work on the Cass River. Work will focus on things like streambank stabilization, fish habitat restoration and sediment reduction.
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Thunder Bay Community Health opening new center in a Cheboygan school

cheboyganschoolsCheboygan Area Schools will soon offer more than just an education. It will also offer students a designated health center.

Thunder Bay Community Health Center is opening up a new location inside Cheboygan’s Intermediate school.

The center will offer things like immunizations, dental care, and behavioral health counseling. Services will be available to any Cheboygan area school district students.

Cheboygan Area Schools Superintendent, Mark Dombroski, says no family will be turned away.

“I just believe that our student population, were pushing, were above 60 percent of free and reduced that the financial need is there in this area. No family will be refused service, if they do not have any means of pay, they will get it taken care of” says Dombroksi.

Dombrowski says Thunder Bay already had previously opened a health center in Onaway schools. They plan to use that as a model.thunder bay health

This is the 103rd school based health care center to open in Michigan. The center is expected to open within the next few weeks.

Drug resistant lice found in 25 states, including Michigan

Drug resistant lice has now been found in 25 states, including Michigan.lice

According to the American Chemical Society, the lice is resistant to over-the-counter treatments, so prescription treatments are still an option.

Jennifer Morse is the medical director for the Central Michigan Health Department. She explains how the lice became resistant.

“Just like a bacteria can become resistant, the lice basically will mutate. It’s just natural selection, so if there was one that had a mutation that made it resistant to that insecticide, then it will go on and have offspring and then they’ll keep living through it over and over again” says Morse.

Morse also says she has seen problems in patients at the health department.

“I had quite a few people who needed repeated therapies, or families where they would need treatment after treatment. Unfortunately for some families their insurance would not cover any other than a certain brand of medication, unless they failed that treatment repeatedly and that was usually your sign that it was resistant” says Morse.

Health officials in north-western Michigan say they have not seen any issues with the drug resistant lice, but they are not ruling out that it could be a problem.

Precautionary measures to avoid lice include limiting head to head contact and not sharing items that may be near the head, like brushes or hats. For more information about prevention and treatment, visit here.

The DEQ awards several grants to protect Michigan’s Great Lakes coastal wetlands

The state on Monday, August 7th, announced more than $700,000 in grants aimed at supporting coastal projects across Michigan.coastal-wetland-tobico_marsh

Central Michigan University received the largest single amount at $100,000.
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Campaign promoting businesses along I-69 expands to southern Michigan


An effort to promote economic development in Genesee and Shiawassee counties is expanding south to the Michigan-Indiana border.

The effort began 5 years ago to promote development along the I-69 corridor. This summer, the effort is expanding south to include the cities of Charlotte, Coldwater and Marshall, Michigan. Continue reading

SVSU updates their non-discriminatory policy to include protections for the transgender community

SVSUSaginaw Valley State University is adding gender identity and genetic information protections to its non-discrimination policy.
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New statewide program to give more access to benefits for veterans

A new regional coordinator program will ensure that some 660,000 Michigan veterans and their dependents have easier access to services.03_01_01_01_Little_Logo

The Regional Coordinator Program was created by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) and the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC), to better service Michigan veterans.

Through the program, veterans have access to a system of coordinated services right in their own communities.
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Northern Michigan beef herd tests positive for Bovine TB

For the second time this year, a northern Michigan beef herd has tested positive for Bovine Tuberculosis disease.MDARD

The small herd in Alcona County was found to be infected with Bovine TB during routine testing by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD.)

The herd is located in a part of Michigan where Bovine TB is common among wild deer. The deer in turn spread it to captive animal herds. Continue reading

Large scale puppy breeders may soon have to follow stricter guidelines

puppiesLawmakers in Lansing are considering legislation that would further regulate large scale breeding kennel operations.

The package of bills, being dubbed the “Puppy Protection Act,” would require puppy mills to register with the Department of Agriculture.

The department would then conduct periodic inspections and enforce stricter guidelines. Continue reading

Davenport University announces restructuring of several mid-Michigan campuses

Davenport UniversitryDavenport

davenportDavenport University announced on Thursday they’ll begin to restructure several of their mid-Michigan locations.

Some of those changes includes a merger of the Flint and Kalamazoo campus with local community colleges, such as Mott Community College in Flint.

That merger will take place this fall. Continue reading