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Northwestern Michigan College and faculty members settle on three year contract

6a3146dbdf81597192112ac03d77c7e4Northwestern Michigan College and its faculty members agreed on a contract that includes an enhanced formal evaluation process, adjustments to a 20 step salary plan and participation in campus decisions.
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Contract negotiations continue at NMC

file000909106312The Northwestern Michigan College Faculty Association has been negotiating with the college over faculty contracts since May, 2015. In the coming days the faculty association will petition for a fact finder to aid in negotiations and draw closer to a decision.

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Grants available for programming for people with developmental disabilities

484665892062d4dbb8c17fe028a65441The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council is looking for organizations interested in creating opportunities for developmentally disabled people.

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A Central Michigan University researcher uses a new method to target diseased cells

Dr. Neeraj Vij lab with Dr. Maish Bodas (back) a postdoctoral fellow in the medical research facility. Central Michigan University photos by Steve Jessmore

Dr. Neeraj Vij lab with Dr. Maish Bodas (back) a postdoctoral fellow in the medical research facility. Central Michigan University photos by Steve Jessmore

The method is called nano-delivery. It sends drugs directly to diseased cells in the lungs, without harming surrounding cells.
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Experts say the urge to procrastinate is really all in your head

IMG_4018Health officials say the urge to procrastinate comes from the the limbic system in our brain. It regulates our moods-and if we feel stressed it looks for ways to distract us.
Dawn Zier is the CEO of Nutrisystem.

She said procrastination is hardwired into us.

“It’s really easy to say hey I don’t want to be stressed. I’ll deal with this tomorrow.And then you know we have to let the part of our brain that urges not to procrastinate to take over. Which is that prefrontal cortex. Where reasoning and higher thought reside .”

Zier said the urge to procrastinate is not beyond our control and there are strategies to break out it

A few ways to overcome procrastination are:

-Get rid of the “I will do it tomorrow” mantra
-Take small steps towards your goals
-And simply just do it

Bay County, Michigan recognized as logistics leader

6fd362441e6d6c96fc8a48c52604e26bBay County was ranked ninth nationally when it came to logistics — that’s the industry responsible for transporting goods, either by air, road, train or sea.

Trevor Keyes is the Vice President of Economic Development for Bay Future.

He said things like MBS International Airport and the Saginaw River helped Bay County land on the list.

“I think we’ve always known locally that we have shipping channels and logistics channels that work well with business but to be recognized nationally is one of those really special things. We’re so glad that these facilities made the designation for us.”

Keyes said the county hopes to dredge the Saginaw River in the near future, so large ocean-going ships can traverse the waterway, further increasing its logistics capacity.

The rankings come from Business Facilities magazine. It also named Memphis, Tennessee and Houston, Texas as leaders in logistics.

Grants awarded to help prepare children for school

e8475de0344e92d68bc6745bc5ea0d46 (1)The grants are called home visitation grants. They were awarded to 15 intermediate school districts.

Bill DiSessa is the spokesperson for the Michigan department of Education.

He said the grants will help young children get extra attention to prepare them for school.

“ We’re talking about young children before they get into the K-12 system. To get them an early head start if you will on learning. And with research showing the positive result that can come at that- at such an early start. “

DiSessa said grants have been awarded in districts including Saginaw and Ingham county.

The funding is expected to help 600 families prepare kids for school.