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I enjoy being an observer and reporter of issues related to education, the environment, the economy, (sometimes) politics and (always) human behavior, and I believe that nobody does news better than NPR.

DNR restores flow to Ocqueoc River in Presque Isle County

Ocqueoc River before debris removal

Ocqueoc River before debris removal

Ocqueoc River after debris removal

Ocqueoc River after debris removal

Just in time for summer travel, a popular river in Presque Isle county is looking a bit better and a lot safer. The DNR has removed an old, crumbled grist mill from the Ocqueoc River. Continue reading

Doctor says some cases of autism could be linked to a rare but serious genetic disorder

Steven Roberds, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance says Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – or TSC is roughly as common as cystic fibrosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and may be linked to some cases of Autism.

New worksite wellness program is aimed at improving productivity.

office workHealth department officials in central Michigan have launched a new program to help improve the health of workers.

The Central Michigan District Health Department is making house-calls, or to be more accurate- business-calls in its new Worksite Wellness program. Continue reading