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I enjoy being an observer and reporter of issues related to education, the environment, the economy, (sometimes) politics and (always) human behavior, and I believe that nobody does news better than NPR.

Bill Ballenger, Editor of Inside Michigan Politics, shares thoughts about August primary election.

2003-503-32-Ballinger,-BillTuesday, August 5 is D-day for many political races. It’s the date of Michigan primary election, or, as political watcher, Bill Ballenger calls it “the most important election of the year”.

Ballenger is the Editor of “Inside Michigan Politics”. CMU Public Radio’s Amy Robinson spoke with him for an overview of the primary. The first thing he said, important or not, expect low-voter turnout. Continue reading

DNR restores flow to Ocqueoc River in Presque Isle County

Ocqueoc River before debris removal

Ocqueoc River before debris removal

Ocqueoc River after debris removal

Ocqueoc River after debris removal

Just in time for summer travel, a popular river in Presque Isle county is looking a bit better and a lot safer. The DNR has removed an old, crumbled grist mill from the Ocqueoc River. Continue reading

Doctor says some cases of autism could be linked to a rare but serious genetic disorder

Steven Roberds, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance says Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – or TSC is roughly as common as cystic fibrosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and may be linked to some cases of Autism.

New worksite wellness program is aimed at improving productivity.

office workHealth department officials in central Michigan have launched a new program to help improve the health of workers.

The Central Michigan District Health Department is making house-calls, or to be more accurate- business-calls in its new Worksite Wellness program. Continue reading

Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism targets international and culinary tourism

Tourism confState tourism officials are taking a break from their winter work this month to discuss trends in the Michigan travel industry. The annual Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism begins Sunday in Traverse City. Nearly a-thousand travel industry insiders are expected to attend. Continue reading

CMU hosts artist/author to speak on living with Multiple Sclerosis

Lay-Dorsey - kitchen Click audio to hear extended interview with Patricia Lay-Dorsey

An event coming to Central Michigan University Monday night is aimed at raising disability awareness through the power of images.

Artist and author Patricia Lay-Dorsey will be speaking about her photo exhibit and book Falling Into Place; A self portrait about day-to-day living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The 71-year old Lay-Dorsey was diagnosed with MS 25-years ago. As a marathon runner and bicyclist, she says she couldn’t imagine how her life would change.

Lay-Dorsey said she became frustrated with stories or images of people with disabilities. They were often created by non-disabled persons. She said she thought someone who was disabled themselves finally had to tell the story from the inside and hopefully prompt conversations.”I want this to be a trigger, these pictures. I don’t want these to be pictures of me or you know, or even disability, per sae. But what it is to me is saying “look, we all have something that we deal with, and if you haven’t had it yet, you’re gonna have it. And the key is, how do we handle it?”

Lay-Dorsey’s presentation Falling Into Place is scheduled for Monday night at 7:00 in the Park Library Auditorium on the campus of CMU.
Lay-Dorsey - ground Lay-dorsey - snowLay-Dorsey- in bed Lay-Dorsey - mirror Lay-Dorsey Lay-Dorsey- book2

Midland county diaper alliance takes shipment of 153,000 diapers for area babies

diapersMother Nature made a bit of a nuisance of herself again last night, dumping snow during the evening commute and causing school cancellations and delays today. One unexpected delay was in a shipment of diapers bound for Midland. More than 150- thousand diapers are heading for distribution to low-income families in Midland, Bay and Saginaw counties. Continue reading