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Michigan recognizes schools for having cardiac emergency preparedness.

Heart Safe In November, Michigan schools across the state started adding cardiac emergency drills to the classrooms. Schools with drills in place will now have a chance to receive a special designation.
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Michigan county health rankings released

mi_county_map_18492_7Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be a top priority for many individuals, however, what many people may not realize is where they’re living has it’s own health ranking.
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CMU offers high schools course credit

TeacherCentral Michigan University and the state Department of Education’s are teaming up to encourage more high school students to major in the teaching field.
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Five community colleges to offer new transfer options for automotive students

College StudentsA new agreement between five Michigan community colleges makes it easier for automotive students to transfer schools and credits.
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New report finds more students eating breakfast in Michigan

School Cafeteria A new national report is finding an increase in low-income children eating school breakfast in Michigan.

State Superintendent Mike Flanagan hopes to increase that number next year.
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