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CMU President talks about enrollment goals

2009-788-086 Ross George_CMU presidentCentral Michigan President Dr. George Ross sat down with David Nicholas in studio this week talking numbers.

This fall’s enrollment was a twenty-seven percent increase from last year while at the same time population declines are producing decreasing graduation numbers from Michigan high schools.

Last week in his State of the University address, Dr. Ross issued a challenge to maintain a level of at least twenty-thousand students on the Mt Pleasant campus…

Saginaw business training people with disabilities in the art of cooking

October is National Farm to Table Month, and Disability Employment Awareness Month. One business has been promoting both ideas in Mid Michigan.

The Maple Grille Restaurant in Hemlock in Saginaw County, has been helping people with disabilities prepare for culinary careers for the last three years. Read more

New license plate to support breast cancer screening

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Secretary of State.

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Secretary of State.

October is traditionally consumed with pumpkins, costumes and candy, but lately, the month has also flowered with pink for breast cancer awareness month.

For the first time ever, Michigan is launching a “pink ribbon” license plate for drivers. It’s a partnership between the Michigan Secretary of State and Department of Community Health.

Angela Minicuci is a spokeswoman for the state health department, and she said money collected from the plates will go toward the department’s breast cancer screening services program.

“And what that does, is not only provides screenings, but also helps with follow up care, which includes cancer treatment,” she said. “Reaching women just to get them in for screening only a portion of what this program does.”

Minicuci says $25 will go toward the program when the plate is first purchased, and another $10 each time it’s renewed.

In addition to the pink ribbon on the left of the plate, there is a message at the bottom that reads, “Early Detection Saves Lives.”

The “pink ribbon” license plate is available now and will be throughout the year.

LGBTQ housing not an option at CMU, but gender neutral housing is

A bit of a mix-up Tuesday in Mount Pleasant over housing for LGBTQ students at CMU.

The school said its student government association – or SGA – erroneously stated that the University would begin questioning incoming students about whether or not they would be comfortable rooming with a person who identifies as LGBTQ.

Officials with Residence life on Campus said a question was raised by the student government association, but never came close to being approved. Read more