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Voter registration event comes to downtown Saginaw

Several organizations are coming together to host an event called Pop The Polls. The price of admission is simply signing up to vote in November.

Pop The Polls is a one day voter registration drive and concert… and everyone in the Great Lakes Bay region is being invited to attend.

Benjamin Champagne is head of production for Pop The Polls. He said he loves seeing people get involved in their community. He hopes a little music, art and creativity will help more people get involved.

“I think that is is one of the most direct actions someone can take towards changing their community and it takes very little effort. You just go vote. You know? It’s not like you gotta go maintain a garden all summer or help build things in the community. It’s one simple act that has so much power to it.”

Champagne said several bands are scheduled to perform… and all people have to do to attend is register to vote. The event will take place Sunday, August 21 in downtown Saginaw.

Disclosures reveal private wealth is being funneled into congressional races

THREE 100 DOLLAR ROLLSDisclosures released last week reveal congressional candidates in two primary races have spent a combined one million dollars of personal wealth on their campaigns just last quarter.

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‘Purple mats’ may be the key to increase in oxygen 2.4 billion years ago

Sinkhole_Hoyt_May 30 -31_2012__126 (2)Sinkholes in Lake Huron could hold clues to the oxygenation of Earth 35 hundred million years ago.

That’s because the sinkholes are home to purple mats – microbial organisms that are distant cousins of some of the first life on Earth.

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Genesee county foster care agency surrenders license



A Genesee county foster care agency has surrendered its license following a state investigation.

State officials said the investigation of the Alternatives for Children and Families agency followed the death of a child in July 2015. The department found training violations and inconsistent regulations.

Bob Wheaton is the spokesmen for the Department of Health and Human Services. He said Alternatives was a case management agency, who was supposed to ensure foster families were adequately trained to care for foster children.

“So we really need to take action to try to prevent situations like this from happening, and make sure that children who are in foster care have an agency looking after their best interest, and keeping them safe.”

Wheaton said it’s rare an agency loses its license.

The Regional Planning and Development Commission in the eastern U-P want to expand internet availability


A regional planning group is looking for feedback from eastern Upper Peninsula residents about their internet service.

The Eastern Upper Peninsula Regional Planning and Development Commission has sent out over 28,000 internet access surveys to residents and businesses. The information from the surveys will be given to service providers interested in expanding internet availability in the region.

Officials said the goal is to bring faster internet speeds to U-P residents.

Eric Wedesky is an Economic Development Specialist for the Commission. He said U-P residents deserve the same access that more populated areas receive.

“What we want is for people to come here and be able to have this rural, low population density spread out type of lifestyle, but still have the 21st century amenities that most people are more used to. And we see that as if were able to have things like broadband and access to common services in a place like this, it’ll be more attractive to people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas. So we see this as a way to effect economic development.”

Wedesky said the survey’s response rate has been high so far. Residents are being encouraged to complete the survey by Labor Day.

Michigan DNR’s longest serving veterinarian retires

Tom Cooley, Steve Schmitt, Al Stewert. Steve in hydrating newly arrived turkeys from Ontario that were part of a trade for moose at Rose Lake. January 1991

Tom Cooley, Steve Schmitt, Al Stewert.
Steve in hydrating newly arrived turkeys from Ontario that were part of a trade for moose at Rose Lake. January 1991

Steve Schmitt was hired as the wildlife veterinarian for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in 1978.
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A mid-Michigan animal shelter may close its doors due to budget cuts


County budget cuts could leave a mid-Michigan community without an animal control department or a county shelter.

Montcalm County is looking to cut over a million dollars.

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