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Monday and Tuesday are expected to be the busiest mail days for the U S Postal Service


The holiday season is always hectic – but even more so for postal workers.

Monday and Tuesday are expected to be the busiest mail days of the year.

The Mt. Pleasant post office said people are sending out packages in order to make it on time for Christmas.

Timothy Roberson is with the service in Mt. Pleasant.

“Last Friday we had 3,500 packages come in, so our volume is like up double digits right now for parcels.

Roberson said their volume of packages is higher than it was last year.

“The weather is going to be a little sketchy with the extreme cold, the carriers are going to have to take precautions to probably keep from getting frost bite, and take breaks to make sure they warm up, and all the snow that’s adding to the routes too, when you have to get out of your vehicle upteen times a day to deliver packages, that slows you down.”

Roberson said many offices will be fully staffed up until Christmas Eve to make deliveries.

A Bay County program that helps homeless or runaway teens is now hoping to help the young adults learn life-skills


A program in Bay County that helps homeless and runaway teens is now expanding to help them learn life-skills.

Project Impact began last year in Bay and Arenac counties.

The program helps at-risk or homeless youth through age 21 or younger through mentoring and finding shelter. Continue reading

Transmitter work to affect 89.5FM in central Michigan

Broadcast tower of WCMU-FM 89.5 Mt. Pleasant.

Broadcast tower of WCMU-FM 89.5 Mt. Pleasant.

On Monday, November 14, CMU Public Radio will begin a major upgrade of our broadcast equipment for 89.5FM, serving Mount Pleasant, Midland, Big Rapids, Saginaw and surrounding communities. This will, at times over the next week and a half, have a significant impact on your ability to listen to CMU Public Radio in central Michigan. Continue reading

Challenge of getting “millennials” to vote

voted“Millennials.” Depending on who you ask, most agree the term is used to describe people born in the 1980s or 1990s, especially in the U.S. While a quick google search turns up hundreds of articles talking about the challenges of getting Millennials to vote, CMU Public Radio’s Sarah Adams discovered that this election has them singing a different tune.

Transmitter maintenance to affect 98.3FM Sault Ste. Marie

CMU Public Radio's broadcast tower for WCMZ-FM 98.3 Sault Ste. Marie, located on Sugar Island.

CMU Public Radio’s broadcast tower for WCMZ-FM 98.3 Sault Ste. Marie, located on Sugar Island.

Beginning Wednesday, November 2, WCMZ-FM 98.3 Sault Ste. Marie will be at reduced power for necessary transmitter maintenance during daylight hours. Reduced power is necessary to protect workers from potentially dangerous radiation while they are working on the tower. Continue reading

Research shows studying abroad can increase job prospects for recent grads

David Fougere (right), Senior Vice President of Kaplan International - North America.

David Fougere (right), Senior Vice President of Kaplan International – North America.

New research is pointing to the value of studying abroad while in college. A recent study commissioned by Kaplan shows that students who travel internationally are more likely to land a job within six months of graduation, compared to those who don’t. Continue reading

Michigan Office of the Great Lakes releases part four of the water strategy

Docks at Grindstone City
The Michigan Office of the Great Lakes has released the final part of its state water strategy. The plan includes 75 strategic recommendations for sustainable management, and enhancement and protection of Michigan’s water resources.

The fourth part of the plan focuses on water monitoring systems and management tools, to improve stewardship of Michigan’s water resources.

Jon Allan is the director of the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes.

“We like to call it blue accounting. How are we accounting for both the social, community, the cultural effects as well as the water related effects of fish, and flow and ecosystem health.”

Allan said water monitoring systems are very important, giving researchers a baseline to see what’s in the water, and how it’s changing over time.

Now that the full plan has been unveiled, the Office of the Great Lakes is planning education and outreach initiatives.