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Genealogy , helping to reconnect

3df0503bbb8462651faa9fea8afcb191A publication for genealogists says over the past decade, public interest in exploring family histories has grown

Laurice LaZebnik is an genealogy enthusiast

She lost her parents two years ago within one month of one another. She said that experience sparked her to figure out who she was.

“What it did for me as an person. It gave me a place. I know where I sit now. I know who came before me and I know.I know why they died. I Know why I do certain things because genetically it’s probably inherited from those people.”

LeZebnik said websites were helpful when digging up family history. She also used old newspapers and documents, and explored cemeteries.

“I suddenly felt disconnected with my family and my home town And everything and it may have been part of the grieving process and I just started wondering where I fit in. And I wondered where I fit in the continuum.”

LaZebnik said digging up her ancestry allowed her to heal and in a way find herself

A genealogy workshop is scheduled for September 17 at the George N. Fletcher Public Library in Alpena.

One of the most extensive fishery surveys in the Great Lakes region is currently underway

10e2078f0f45da21f10ead596d5ca441Three vessels are sailing Lake Michigan using sonar technology to survey prey fish.

The objective of the survey is threefold; to forecast whether fish numbers are growing or shrinking, to understand how predator fish numbers may be effected, and to prepare fishing markets for potential changes in fish populations. Continue reading

New product could help fight invasive mussels

DSC_0697Zebra and Quagga mussels have wreaked havoc on the Great Lakes ecosystem by almost completely removing the tiniest plants and animals that are essential to the food chain.

Now researchers will test a new product that could hold the key to taking the ecosystem back.

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‘On The Map’ visits FSU students to learn about transitions in technology


Our latest “On The Map” series brings us around the state to learn about transitions involving people, animals, and technology.

It’s no secret that Pokemon Go has taken over the app market.

“I wish I would have bought Nintendo stock about a week and a half ago because it has gone up about 60 percent which I think I saw it as a 15 billion dollar increase in their stock in one week.”

That’s David Baker. He’s the Program Coordinator of the Digital Animation and Game Design Program at Ferris State University. Continue reading

‘Purple mats’ may be the key to increase in oxygen 2.4 billion years ago

Sinkhole_Hoyt_May 30 -31_2012__126 (2)Sinkholes in Lake Huron could hold clues to the oxygenation of Earth 35 hundred million years ago.

That’s because the sinkholes are home to purple mats – microbial organisms that are distant cousins of some of the first life on Earth.

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A new high school aviation program is slated to begin this fall in Emmet County


Emmet County is hoping to help address a nationwide shortage of pilots and aircraft mechanics, by teaching high school students to take to the skies.

Harbor Springs, Pellston and Alanson public schools will send upperclassman to the Pellston Airport. Continue reading