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Petoskey Robotics Team fundraising for Super Regionals


A sport for the mind. Robotics teams in Michigan have been experiencing significant growth, now boasting more than any other state in the nation.

One particular team comes from Petoskey Middle School, where the team is now experimenting with a different kind of technology. Read more

Unmanned research helicopter lands in CMU

Heumann and the the six-foot-long research helicopter

Heumann and the the six-foot-long research helicopter

It’s a bird, it’s a plane; no, it’s a helicopter. An unmanned helicopter has found its way to CMU this week and it’s not an ordinary type of helicopter.
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MDOT to replace overpasses using new technique


Something that often frustrates Michigan drivers, other than the weather, is construction.

The state is hoping to reduce frustration, and delays with new bridge replacement technology. Read more

Theater raising money to go digital


Many multiplex theaters lure audiences in with things like surround sound and digital 3D versions of the latest offerings from Hollywood.

But a reality facing small town movie houses, in many cases, venerable old theaters, is that next year, they will have to be digital to keep the doors open.

Distributors will no longer be sending out movies in 35mm film.

The Rogers City Theater is one of those looking for a way to pay for the conversion. At a cost of around $100,000.

They’ve turned to the online source, Kickstarter, for a sixty day fundraising campaign.

Rachel Goodstein said two-thirds of the goal was pledged in the first thirty days, but none of the money will be realized unless they reach the final goal.

“A mountain climbers don’t look down, you know, uh, or as NASA would say, failure is not an option. If we’ve been able to raise sixty seven thousand in thirty days, raising twenty-nine in twenty-four days, is work, but, but the number of backers is…and with Kickstarter it’s all or nothing. We raise a hundred thousand we get that and anything over, we don’t, uh, you know, uh, we don’t.”

The deadline for the Kickstarter campaign is September 28th. As of this afternoon, the theater has pledges for over $73,000 from 284 backers.

In order to raise the estimated $100,000 dollars needed for the conversion, the theater is in the midst of a campaign utilizing the web site Kickstarter.

The deadline for the Kickstarter campaign is September 28th. As of this afternoon, the theater has pledges for over $73,000 from 284 backers.

States partner up in modernization of medicaid technology

Michigan and Illinois announced Friday “an interstate alliance” to allow Illinois to access Michigan’s Medicaid Management Information System as a shared service. 
Michigan currently has the system, but through the shared service, both states will see the cost savings.
Angela Minicuci is the spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Community Health.
“The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has strongly approached states and asked them to take on innovative projects such as this. That utilize modern technology approaches to program goals and needs. An so this is something that other states are very closely looking at but I think this partnership is very unique to Michigan and Illinois,” Minicuci said.
Minicuci said each state will save $10 million dollars with the partnership. 
Savings at the federal level will total $190 million dollars. 
Enrollment will begin in early 2014, full operational implementation is expected in 2016. 

Munson Healthcare to ‘daylight” Traverse City creek

Some northern Michigan hospitals are being recognized for advancing their technology.
Munson Healthcare in Traverse City and its affiliates; Mercy Hospital in Cadillac and Otsego Memorial hospital in Gaylord have been named among the “most wired” in the state by the American Hospital Association.
The recognition indicates the hospital is doing well at creating  robust systems to improve patient care. Ian Jones, a spokesman for Munson said technology is a  particularly important area these days, when everyone is plugged in.
“The proliferation of technology in the last 20-years, you know, people are connected via their smartphones, via their wireless at home and in the workplace. They want access to things in the way that’s most convenient to them. So part of this is convenience for patients. But also giving medical care providers access to the records that they need,” Jones said.
This is the third year in a row that Munson Healthcare has been recognized with a “most wired” award.