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Snyder, lawmakers sort through Proposal 1 wreckage


Voters said no Tuesday to Proposal One by a margin of almost four-to-one. But, as unhappy as people were with the ballot question, they’re still unhappy with the state of Michigan’s roads. So Governor Rick Snyder and lawmakers say they’ll go back to work on finding money for roads – and they will heed the lessons of Proposal One. Continue reading

Voters reject Snyder road funding ballot proposal

voters-turn-out-for-michigan-primary-elections-c238bfa5496bdcccMichigan voters have soundly rejected Proposal One — Governor Rick Snyder’s two (b) billion dollar plan to fund road repairs without siphoning money from schools and local governments.

The loss sends the governor and the Legislature back to the bargaining table because almost everyone still agrees the roads are bad.
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Voters to decide fate of Proposal One and road funding

rick-snyder-mugjpg-446cf7790e6a2ea6Since January, Governor Rick Snyder has been traveling the state with his rock collection – more accurately, hunks of concrete, asphalt, and brick from crumbling roads and bridges.

“This is a piece of Michigan road,” he says he holds up a chunk of concrete twice as big as his fist. “This is the kind of thing that can fall on your vehicle or go through your windshield. That’s scary folks.”
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The balancing act: College and politics

Central-Michigan-University-seal.svgAs potential presidential candidates start to gear up for the 2016 election, both parties have made it clear they want to target young voters.

A population that can be challenging to reach. Continue reading

Democrats renew push for no-reason absentee voting in Michigan

Democratic state lawmakers are again hoping to allow no-reason absentee voting in Michigan.

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has said recently that more people who have died or moved out of state must be removed from the state’s voter registration database before lawmakers will agree to stop putting conditions on who can vote absentee.
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Governor: Not concerned about early ballot polls


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s not paying attention to early polls that show the road funding proposal on the May ballot is in trouble. The proposal would raise the state sales tax to 7 percent as part of a complicated plan to fund road repairs without taking money from schools or local governments. Continue reading

Kalamazoo County re-count to begin Dec. 8

The November election results are now official. The Michigan Board of State Canvassers certified the returns today. But there is at least one re-count pending in a state Senate race out of Kalamazoo County where Democrat Sean McCann lost to Republican Margaret O’Brien. Continue reading

Peters sees greater chance for bipartisanship as he enters Senate in minority

Congressman Gary Peters speaks with reporters at a restaurant in Rochester a day after Michigan voters elected him to the U.S. Senate.

Congressman Gary Peters speaks with reporters at a restaurant in Rochester a day after Michigan voters elected him to the U.S. Senate.

Democrat Gary Peters is optimistic he will be able to work with Senate Republicans to pass measures he has championed as a candidate. That’s despite the fact that he will be entering the U.S. Senate in the minority party after Republicans seized control in Tuesday’s election.
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Snyder wins 2nd term; Schuette, Johnson reelected

RickSnyderGovernor Rick Snyder cruised to a second and final term as Michigan voters handed Republicans a string of victories in the mid-term elections.

This was supposed to be one of the closest governor’s races in decades. Many polls showed it neck-and-neck until the end. But that’s not how it shaped up once the votes were counted.
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Peters declares victory in U.S. Senate race

Rep. Gary Peters (D) speaking at a victory celebration in Detroit Tuesday night.

Rep. Gary Peters (D) speaking at a victory celebration in Detroit Tuesday night.

Michigan voters have sent Rep. Gary Peters to the U.S. Senate. He easily defeated Republican Terri Lynn Land for the open seat.

Gary Peters gave his victory speech in front of hundreds of Democratic supporters in Detroit. Continue reading