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Kasich visits Michigan as super PAC releases first anti-Trump ad

KasichOhio Gov. John Kasich brought his presidential campaign to southeast Michigan on Monday.

The Republican presidential hopeful toured a business incubator in Sterling Heights and spoke with a handful of supporters. He took some jabs at Donald Trump’s policy positions while speaking with reporters. Continue reading

Traverse City residents to vote on wetland conservation

A few years ago Traverse City damaged wetlands in the process of building a new road.

In order to reconcile this, the State of Michigan has ordered the city to dedicate a certain amount of land to wetland conservation, in perpetuity.
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Todd Courser to run again for seat he resigned last week

State Rep. Todd Courser (R-Lapeer)

State Rep. Todd Courser (R-Lapeer)

Former state Rep. Todd Courser is running again for the state House seat he resigned last week. Courser filed shortly after 3 p.m. on Friday to run in a special election for the seat.

Courser admitted to trying to cover up an affair with former state Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R-Plainwell), who was expelled for her part in the scandal. Gamrat filed to run for her former seat on Thursday.
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Michigan seeking bids to replace old election equipment

Example of a voting machine in Michigan.

Example of a voting machine in Michigan.

Michigan is accepting proposals to replace outdated election equipment.

The Secretary of State is looking to replace the more than ten-year old election equipment found at local precincts around the state. Continue reading

Three more petition drives to begin gathering signatures


A state elections board says three more petition drives have met the technical requirements that allow them to begin collecting signatures. All of them want the force the Legislature to change laws, or put questions on the 2016 ballot.

One of the petition drives seeks to require employers to offer paid sick and family leave. Continue reading

New Dem party chair would like to see redistricting on ballot

elephant-donkey-rep-demo-TXT-VOTE_PRVWThe new chair of the Michigan Democratic Party says he’d like to see a proposal to overhaul the redistricting process on the ballot next year.

Democrats have called for an independent commission to take the Legislature out of drawing district lines.

DillonDemocratic Chair Brandon Dillon says Democrats would like to see a process that’s less controlled by Republicans. But he says don’t look to his party to take the lead.

“I do think this is an issue that if it’s going to be on the ballot, it’s going to have to be driven by independent, good-government people who just understand across the political spectrum that the system doesn’t work well.”

Dillon was on the Michigan Public Television show “Off the Record.”

Dillon says he’d also like to see a question on the ballot next year to add LGBT protections to Michigan’s civil rights law.

Dillon is also a state representative from Grand Rapids, but has tendered his resignation.

Democrats propose redistricting overhaul

Legislative district map

Legislative district map

Democrats in the Legislature are calling for changes to how legislative districts are drawn.

The effort is built off a recent US Supreme Court decision. The decision says voters can take the power to draw district lines away from the Legislature and hand it to an independent commission. Continue reading

Group seeks to put mandatory paid sick leave on the 2016 ballot

voteAn effort is underway put mandatory paid sick leave for all Michigan workers on the November 2016 ballot.

The proposal would require businesses to offer paid leave if a worker or someone in their immediate family is sick. The initiative from the Time to Care Coalition would allow workers to earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. Continue reading

Jeb Bush in Michigan: “I intend to spend a lot of time here” if I’m a candidate

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks at an ‘employee town hall’ at Emergent BioSolutions in Lansing on Thursday.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks at an ‘employee town hall’ at Emergent BioSolutions in Lansing on Thursday.

Jeb Bush says Michigan is a critical state for Republicans running for president in 2016. The former Florida governor made multiple stops in Michigan on Thursday.
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Snyder, lawmakers sort through Proposal 1 wreckage


Voters said no Tuesday to Proposal One by a margin of almost four-to-one. But, as unhappy as people were with the ballot question, they’re still unhappy with the state of Michigan’s roads. So Governor Rick Snyder and lawmakers say they’ll go back to work on finding money for roads – and they will heed the lessons of Proposal One. Continue reading

Voters reject Snyder road funding ballot proposal

voters-turn-out-for-michigan-primary-elections-c238bfa5496bdcccMichigan voters have soundly rejected Proposal One — Governor Rick Snyder’s two (b) billion dollar plan to fund road repairs without siphoning money from schools and local governments.

The loss sends the governor and the Legislature back to the bargaining table because almost everyone still agrees the roads are bad.
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Voters to decide fate of Proposal One and road funding

rick-snyder-mugjpg-446cf7790e6a2ea6Since January, Governor Rick Snyder has been traveling the state with his rock collection – more accurately, hunks of concrete, asphalt, and brick from crumbling roads and bridges.

“This is a piece of Michigan road,” he says he holds up a chunk of concrete twice as big as his fist. “This is the kind of thing that can fall on your vehicle or go through your windshield. That’s scary folks.”
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