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Criminal justice reform is one focus for the upcoming election

One national non-profit organization is using this election season to address the link between the criminal justice system and poverty.

Bread for the World is encouraging people to make criminal justice reform a top priority for their presidential candidate in the upcoming election.

Eric Mitchell is the Director of Government Relations for Bread for the World. He says, the criminal justice system contributes to hunger in America in many ways.

“Many women who were formerly incarcerated have less access to food, less access to safety net programs like food stamps, housing vouchers, have a loss of household income, added debt, and most importantly it’s harder for them to find and maintain solid jobs to provide for themselves and their families.”

Mitchell said they want candidates not only talk about criminal justice reform but to take action.

New film argues women need equal protection under the law

MG_2225A new film explores what the director calls the assault on women’s rights in the U.S. and outlines the need for an Equal Rights Amendment explicitly giving women equal protection under the law.

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Schuette says appeal of voting decision in the works

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has set the stage for the next step in the fight over straight-ticket voting. A federal judge last week blocked Republican efforts to stop voters from using a single mark on the ballot to support a political party’s entire slate of candidates.
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Voter registration event comes to downtown Saginaw

Several organizations are coming together to host an event called Pop The Polls. The price of admission is simply signing up to vote in November.

Pop The Polls is a one day voter registration drive and concert… and everyone in the Great Lakes Bay region is being invited to attend.

Benjamin Champagne is head of production for Pop The Polls. He said he loves seeing people get involved in their community. He hopes a little music, art and creativity will help more people get involved.

“I think that is is one of the most direct actions someone can take towards changing their community and it takes very little effort. You just go vote. You know? It’s not like you gotta go maintain a garden all summer or help build things in the community. It’s one simple act that has so much power to it.”

Champagne said several bands are scheduled to perform… and all people have to do to attend is register to vote. The event will take place Sunday, August 21 in downtown Saginaw.

Disclosures reveal private wealth is being funneled into congressional races

THREE 100 DOLLAR ROLLSDisclosures released last week reveal congressional candidates in two primary races have spent a combined one million dollars of personal wealth on their campaigns just last quarter.

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Poll: Majority of Michigan residents support recreational marijuana

pot53% of Michigan residents surveyed said they would vote yes if the legalization of recreational marijuana was on the November 2016 ballot.

That’s according to a poll conducted by the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
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Michigan saw over 10 million dollars of campaign ads leading up to primary

This year in Michigan the Presidential Primary process was highly competitive on either side of the aisle. More money was spent on TV ads than any previous year.

For some, the spending paid off, for others it was a wasted effort.

Dominic Trimboli spoke with Craig Mauger, a political analyst from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. Here’s a shortened version of their conversation.
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Central Michigan University hosts debate on Emergency Financial Manager Law

file0001605429169Central Michigan University hosted supporters and detractors of Michigan’s Emergency Financial Manager Law to talk about whether the controversial law has a place in the state.

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