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Isabella County court celebrated the gift of a family on Tuesday


As we head into the holiday season, November is national adoption month. In this time of giving adoption agencies are hoping families will give children the gift of a chance.

One court was taking the season to heart, and celebrating Michigan Adoption Day.

The Isabella County Trial Court finalized two adoptions in honor of Michigan Adoption Day on Tuesday, November 24. Continue reading

Waters of the United States rule faces copious amounts of scrutiny

Logo of the EPA

Logo of the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent Waters of the United States rule, or WOTUS, is facing heavy scrutiny from around the country.

WOTUS is intended to clarify which water bodies are protected by the Clean Water Act. Instead it’s prompted a heated debate.
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DeBoer-Rowse complete family adoptions

gavelThe final step in the legal journey for April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse took place today (Thu.) in an Oakland County courtroom, where they finalized adoptions for their children. DeBoer and Rowse are the couple who successfully challenged Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban.
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Man found guilty of 1996 murder after wrongful conviction of another man

jail image

A wrong was righted October 21st in Kalkaska County – at least from the legal perspective.

After one man spent 17-years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, officials said the real killer was convicted. Continue reading

Sixth Circuit: Simply showing jury wasn’t diverse not enough to reverse conviction

shutterstock_justice_300The Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals says a defendant has to prove a racially diverse jury would be likely to reach a different conclusion if he wants his armed robbery conviction reversed.
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MI Supreme Court upholds murder conviction despite jury taking wrong oath


The state Supreme Court will allow a murder conviction to stand despite the fact that the jury took the wrong oath before trial.

The court clerk mistakenly swore in the jury using the oath given to prospective jurors that they answer questions about their juror qualifications truthfully. Continue reading

Supreme Court decision means 230,000 Michiganders keep insurance subsidies


About 230,000 Michiganders receive the federal healthcare subsidies upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday.

A number of state officials cheered the ruling. They say losing the subsidies would likely have meant higher premiums for everyone shopping on the health exchange in Michigan. Continue reading

Lesbian couple alleges Kroger, union discriminated against them


A lesbian couple is filing a federal employment discrimination complaint against a union and one of the state’s largest grocery store chains. Stephanie Citron works in the deli at a Kroger in Birmingham. She and her same-sex partner were married last year while it was briefly legal in Michigan. But her spouse was denied when they tried to add her to Citron’s benefits package.

Citron married her same-sex partner during the brief window last year when it was legal in Michigan. She says that’s when she learned that her health benefits fund only covers the spouses of opposite sex married couples. Continue reading