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A Grand Adventure on the Grand River


Summer is heating up and one of the ways Michigan residents cool down is by hitting the water in a kayak.

Michigan’s first universally accessible kayaking trip will begin with the goal of increasing awareness and money on Thursday.

The trip will span part of the Grand River in Eaton county. It’s Michigan’s longest river.

Scott Fraser is the event coordinator and owner of adaptive paddling school. Fraser owns an adaptive paddling school and said being on the water can be therapeutic for people with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges.

People would say ‘Well, I can’t do that.’ Well, why can’t you? So, we ensure that people of all needs have access to the waterways… that’s people with Down Syndrome, our wounded veterans, that all have equal access to the river.

“Healing starts in the mind. So, it’s health and healing through paddle sports, and if you can start the healing process in the mind, the body will follow,” Fraser said.

Fraser said the week-long trip will cover more than 100 miles.

Nearly two dozen wounded veteran and other kayakers will trek from Eaton Rapids to the Ionia area. They’re scheduled to finish June 25th.

For more information on the trip visit A Grand Adventure.

Students take field trips to learn about Michigan shipwrecks


School kids across Michigan are stepping out of the classroom and onto buses for, what for many, is their favorite time of the year, field trips.

Some that are within driving distance of Alpena are learning about a unique part of Michigan history…shipwrecks. Read more