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Local farmers on display in Michigan grocery stores

Photo courtesy of Mary Dunckel.

Photo courtesy of Mary Dunckel.

If you can’t bring the shopper to the farm, bring the farmer to the grocery store.

This is the idea of a Michigan program connecting shoppers with local farmers.

The Faces of Michigan Farmers initiative is a program that brings volunteer farmers into local supermarkets. Read more

Biomass energy being made easier in Michigan due to USDA program

Solar and wind power often get attention, but another alternative power source has officials looking in the woods.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding a program to improve diversity in biomass crops. The feds want to encourage things like poplar trees or certain types of grasses; Crops other than corn or soybeans which are already commonly used by power plants to create clean energy. Read more

Breakfast on the Farm presents event in Mecosta County

Breakfast foods like bacon, eggs and pancakes are commonplace on kitchen tables around the country.

On August 16, a Mescota county farm will welcome guests in for a free breakfast, and show people how modern agriculture works.

Michigan State University launched these “Breakfast on the Farm” events five years ago. It’s an effort to educate people who don’t live on farms about agriculture. Read more