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Over 2 million pounds of food have been delivered to Flint so far this year

food pantry-1As much as 400 thousand pounds of food are delivered to Flint residents every month. This according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The effort is part of a program that offers free high-nutrient foods available to residents to offset lead exposure.

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Michigan racism expert weighs in on national election

Dr David Pilgrim. Photo courtesy Ferris State University

Dr David Pilgrim.
Photo courtesy Ferris State University


Since the election of Donald Trump, advocacy groups say there has been an increase in intimidation and aggression against minorities and women. 

Dr David Pilgrim is the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University.   It’s a collection of five-thousand racist artifacts, Some from years ago. Some from yesterday.   Dr Pilgrim says he’s processing Trump’s win. Continue reading

Soo Theatre to get a full restoration

01 Teatro Aguascalientes

A 50-thousand dollar grant was awarded by the state to Sault Ste. Marie to help restore the Soo Theatre.

Officials said the first priority will be the roof and exterior of the theatre. The theatre was built back in the 1930’s and the city plans to keep the vintage theme.

Justin Knepper is the downtown manager for Sault Ste. Marie. He said they will continue to fundraise until next fall.

“In 2017, once the snow melts we’ll be working on continuing to raise money to match the grant that we were awarded by the Michigan Council of the Arts for the roof project, that’ll be done by this upcoming fall. And while all that is going on we’ll be continuing funding sources for the full restoration.”

Knepper said the total cost to restore the theatre is estimated at seven million dollars. He said the city hopes to have major progress by the city’s 350th anniversary in 2018.

The city of Mount Pleasant is proclaiming Columbus Day, also as Indigenous Peoples Day

file0001762182018Some communities across the state refer to Columbus Day also as Indigenous Peoples Day. One of the communities is Mount Pleasant.

The city says it’s a move to recognize the history of indigenous people and the culture they bring to the community.

Nancy Ridley is the Mt Pleasant City Manager.

“Certainly the history that they bring to our community and the culture that is a part of our community as a result of it, it brings great diversity to our community.”

Ridley says Indigenous People’s Day doesn’t replace Columbus Day, it is in addition to it.

She says the Mt Pleasant Mayor will read the proclamation recognizing the day at a city council meeting this evening. Members of the Saginaw Chippewa indian tribe.will be on hand to accept the recognition and perform a ceremonial dance

Dragon Boats strike a chord with breast cancer survivors.

dragonflys_lifejacket_mediumWith thousands of teams all around the world, dragon boat racing has become a fast-growing sport. It’s also popular in the US and Canada, with festivals and races in places like Cleveland, Vancouver, and Buffalo. There’s a surprising bond with one group in particular – cancer survivors.
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Officers and state dispute whether protest turned into a riot at Kinross Correctional

Kinross_admin_building_503865_7We’re learning more details about an incident that occurred earlier this month at the Kinross Correctional Facility in the eastern Upper Peninsula. The union that represents prison guards there says the state has played down the incident… which the union describes as a full blown riot. But the Department of Corrections disagrees.

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Physician assistant suicide bill introduced by Michigan legislature

file8321273697614A new bill would make physician-assisted suicide legal in Michigan The bill is modeled after Oregon’s law, and requires two doctors to agree that the patient will likely die within six months. The patient would also have to be over 18 years-old, and meet certain criteria before getting medicine from a doctor that will end their life. Continue reading

Remembering the 1901 Train Crash

P1380327There was a horrible train crash that happened in a farm field in Michigan in 1901. 100 Italian immigrants were killed. And they were buried in an unmarked grave. That story has always haunted one local man. And inspired him to solve the mystery of where they were buried. He also hopes his gesture is one small way of helping history not repeat itself…when it comes to how poorly we have sometimes treated immigrants.
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Cultural connections in Bay City


Our On The Map series this week explores the connection between community and culture, and how some unique cultures have been the basis for central and northern Michigan communities.

My first stop was Krzysiak’s House- a family owned restaurant that serves authentic Polish food and traditional American cuisine.
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