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Snyder: Road money discussions “constructive”


Governor Rick Snyder met today (Fri.) with the Legislature’s Republican and Democratic leaders to try and strike a deal on road funding. The governor hosted a day-long series of meetings in his state Capitol office to toss around ideas and crunch the numbers. Read more

MI Supreme Court to decide if locals can require union wages on projects

Stack of Money

The Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether local governments can require contractors to pay union wages on public projects. The court agreed to hear a challenge to Lansing’s prevailing wage ordinance. But there are at least two dozen other Michigan counties, cities, and townships that have similar rules. Read more

A smaller community’s ‘Black Friday’

Black Friday can create a craze among mall shoppers across the nation, but it’s not as often that you hear about smaller communities, with fewer malls and more local retailers, linked to the day after Thanksgiving.
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