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Fiat Chrysler strike could hurt local dealerships


Workers and management at a local car dealership are crossing their fingers that the UAW does not strike Fiat Chrysler at midnight Wednesday.

When the current contract between the United Auto Workers and Fiat Chrysler expires. Continue reading

State issues $113 million dollars to seven Michigan universities

A mistake that was repeated annually for 19 years will cost the state over $112 million, as refunds CMURefundare issued to seven different universities.

The refund is tied to payments to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. The system had been over billing the universities for nearly two decades.
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Retailers hit deadline to upgrade credit and debit card machines

Some 10% of Americans were victim to credit card fraud in 2014. That’s according to the Federal Trade Commission.creditcards

Credit card companies are hoping new technology – launched in many areas yesterday – will help curb the problem of fraud. Continue reading

Child and Adult Protective Services workers win more overtime pay

moneyMichigan Child and Adult Protective Services workers are eligible for more overtime pay after a recent arbitration decision. There are now more situations that qualify on-call employees working at home for overtime.
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State Senate approves legislation that would resolve the former Buena Vista’s School District debt

The former Buena Vista School District’s remaining debt is one step closer to being paid off.

The Saginaw County district was dissolved back in 2013, but still has a debt totaling $660,000.
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Largest particleboard press coming to Grayling


A $325-million project has been announced for Crawford County.

A Georgia company, ARAUCA has announced plans to begin manufacturing particleboard in Grayling. Officials say the factory will include the largest press in North America. Continue reading

Produce and community: putting Sault Ste Marie, Ontario On the Map

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario is a big city, more than 75 thousand people live there. But in all the hustle and bustle of big city life, the city manages to create pockets with a small town community feel.

One of those pockets is the Mill Market farmers market.
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Commerce Secretary meets with northern Michigan tribes

official_photo_secretary_penny_pritzkerUnited States Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker recently came to Michigan to learn more about the unique economic opportunities and challenges facing Native American communities.

She was in Brimley at Bay Mills Community College when she called and spoke with CMU Public Radio’s David Nicholas.
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Unions launch corporate income tax petition drive


A group of unions has launched a petition drive to double Michigan’s corporate income tax and use the additional revenue for roads.

Union leader Tom Lutz is with the Citizens for Fair Taxes Campaign. He says corporations should have to give back about half the net tax reductions that resulted from the state’s 2011 business tax overhaul. Continue reading

Michigan’s purchasing power of a dollar is higher than most states

$100 Map

A dollar in Michigan may go farther than you think it would.

Data from The Tax Foundation says Michigan has one of the lowest cost of living when compared to other states, ranking 22nd out of the 50 states. Continue reading

Preparing for Clean Power Plan state legislators tour solar facility

One of J. Ranck's solar panels.

One of J. Ranck’s solar panels.

State legislators met August 5th at the home of one of Michigan’s largest solar arrays following this week’s Clean Power Plan proposed by President Obama.
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Lawsuit says state ignores due process in tax foreclosures, could affect legislation


A class action lawsuit claims Michigan ignores due process when overseeing tax foreclosures.

The Gongwer news service first reported on the lawsuit. Plaintiffs say the state does not hold impartial hearings so that people can appeal foreclosure decisions. Continue reading