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Enbridge Energy reaches settlement over Kalamazoo River oil spill

f369230151edf0a4e0101cbd111732a1It was announced this week the company behind the 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill, Enbridge Energy, will pay 177 million dollars for the spill.

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Foster care bills on Governor’s desk drafted by U of M law students

Congreso Spain

Two bills signed into law this week could help keep siblings in foster care together.

We’ve already done some reporting on the bills, but not on the unusual path the bills took to get to Snyder’s desk.

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An event in Midland is hoping to raise awareness on gun violence

Photo courtesy: Wear Orange Day

Photo courtesy: Wear Orange Day

An event in Midland next week, June 2nd, is aimed at raising awareness of gun violence. The event coincides with a larger, national effort.

National Wear Orange Day is a day to honor people killed by gun violence and their families.

It began last year in Chicago in memory of a 15-year old girl who had been killed in gun violence. June 2nd was her birthday.

Kathy Kinkema is with the organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She is organizing the Midland event.

“We’re planning on June 2nd we’re planning a picnic in Midland and we’re going to have a short program, and a light picnic. And the whole intentional of the wear orange is to honor any individuals families that have been impacted by gun violence.”

Kinkema said she hopes the event will help raise awareness of the dangers of gun violence.

More information on the Midland event and others can be found at,

Counties pursuing millages for vocational programming in schools

P1040068Clare County will vote today on a millage to support vocational classes in the county’s school districts.

It’s one of many counties across the state looking for wider support of classes that train students for jobs right out of high school.

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Rotary program trains next generation of peace-makers

Jeanne Schaller of Midland, at her graduation from Rotary's Peace Fellowship program

Jeanne Schaller of Midland, at her graduation from Rotary’s Peace Fellows program

For years, Rotary clubs have been making a difference in communities around the United States. Many people know of the organization’s efforts at the local level… but very few are aware of its efforts to promote peace internationally.

Every year, Rotary International selects 100 people from around the world to be “peace fellows.” These are people who have been actively involved in promoting peace and conflict resolution in their communities. Continue reading