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A Michigan family in Osceola county tackles the do-it yourself approach by committing to sustainability work

The Marvel  family L-R : AnnaDella 14, Emillie 19, Karly 11, Kamden 9, Rorie 4 and Robin.

The Marvel family L-R : AnnaDella 14, Emillie 19, Karly 11, Kamden 9, Rorie 4 and Robin.

For many people, Tuesday is just the second day of the week. But for Robin Marvel and her family, it’s “green day”. On Tuesdays Marvel runs a free recycling program for her neighborhood in the village of Hersey. Population 300.
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Activists collect thousands of signatures demanding end to Syrian refugee “pause”

Julie Quiroz of Ann Arbor after delivering about 4,700 signatures to the governor’s office on Thursday. Quiroz created an online petition urging Gov. Snyder to continue accepting Syrian refugees.

Julie Quiroz of Ann Arbor after delivering about 4,700 signatures to the governor’s office on Thursday. Quiroz created an online petition urging Gov. Snyder to continue accepting Syrian refugees.

Activists have delivered thousands of signatures to Gov. Rick Snyder urging him to welcome more Syrian refugees. Snyder says he’s “pausing” his efforts to attract additional Syrian refugees to Michigan after last week’s attacks in Paris.
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Adoption agencies are looking to raise awareness for children who need families during national adoption month


November is national adoption month, and adoption agencies are trying to do their part to, as they say, find children a family for the holidays.

Over three-thousand children are waiting to be adopted in Michigan. Continue reading

Americorp: the domestic Peace Corps

Americorp Logo

Americorp Logo

Imagine a group like the Peace Corps that, instead of focusing on international issues, puts its effort into domestic problems.
For example, instead of providing clean water for third world countries, they clean wells for low-income rural homes in Michigan.
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New partnership looks to strengthen child abuse services in Isabella County


One northern Michigan community is taking steps to strengthen child abuse services.

The Child and Family Enrichment Council, or CAFE, in Isabella County moved to Central Michigan University’s campus this fall. The center conducts forensic interviews with abused children, works with law enforcement on abuse cases and offers counseling for all members of a family. Continue reading

Lawmakers work on updating Michigan’s mental health laws

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley supports Kevin's Law.

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley supports Kevin’s Law.

The state legislature is considering an update to Michigan’s 10-year-old mental health law.

Kevin’s Law went into effect ten years ago – but it hasn’t worked exactly the way lawmakers intended.

Under the current law, a patient had to already be undergoing treatment before a court could order a treatment plan. Continue reading

Pitbull ban under fire from animal rights groups

PitbullThe city of West Branch is coming under fire from Pitbull owners and animal rights groups for their ban against the aforementioned breed.

Breed Specific Legislation are laws that ban certain types of dogs from an area. These laws are nothing new, but controversial nonetheless.
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St. Louis residents continue to deal with Velsicol health impacts

Bench outside former Velsicol plant site

Bench outside former Velsicol plant site

The former Velsicol plant site is surrounded by several community blocks where people still live.

Originally the EPA thought the contamination from the plant could be contained within the borders of the site. However, years after the initial cleanup, EPA officials determined this wasn’t the case. Continue reading

Previously dismissed Saginaw-Chippewa Tribal Court case may be re-opened

Protesters outside the Mt. Pleasant tribal courthouse.

Protesters outside the Mt. Pleasant tribal courthouse.

Signs were held and chants were shouted outside the court house where more than 150 members of the Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe are awaiting a judge’s decision on whether their membership status can be reconsidered by the tribe.

They are still facing the termination of their tribal membership about their blood lineage. Those questions were first dismissed by a judge, with prejudice, in 2009. Continue reading

Lesbian couple alleges Kroger, union discriminated against them


A lesbian couple is filing a federal employment discrimination complaint against a union and one of the state’s largest grocery store chains. Stephanie Citron works in the deli at a Kroger in Birmingham. She and her same-sex partner were married last year while it was briefly legal in Michigan. But her spouse was denied when they tried to add her to Citron’s benefits package.

Citron married her same-sex partner during the brief window last year when it was legal in Michigan. She says that’s when she learned that her health benefits fund only covers the spouses of opposite sex married couples. Continue reading

Poll: Majority of Michigan voters support legalizing pot

imagesA majority of Michigan voters support legalizing small amounts of marijuana, according to a statewide poll released this week.

56% support legalization efforts, while 36% are opposed. The poll, conducted for the Detroit Free Press and WDIV television, surveyed 600 Michigan voters, and had a four percent margin of error. Continue reading

LSSU students educate expectant mothers about perinatal vaccination

LSSUNursinBabyShower8903Soon-to-be mothers in the eastern U-P had the chance recently to learn about the importance of perinatal vaccinations.

Nursing students from Lake Superior State University presented information on the value of perinatal vaccinations to hundreds of expectant mothers and their families. It was part of a community wide baby shower. Continue reading

Utility assistance offered to mid-Michigan residents

Although winter is over, paying utility bills isn’t. A community action group is offering assistance to people in mid-Michigan struggling to pay a back-log of winter bills.

Mid Michigan Community Action is offering assistance to families with lingering utility costs, and providing them with a supply of heating fuel for next winter. Continue reading