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LGBT rights debate to pit LGB against T

Gay-Michigan1-257x300A debate is shaping up in the Michigan House on whether Michigan’s civil rights law should be expanded to protect gays, lesbians, and bisexuals from discrimination. There’s also a fight brewing on whether those protections should extent to transgender people.
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No decision yet on adding LGBT to MI civil rights law


There’s no decision yet on whether the Legislature will take up amending the state’s civil rights law before the session ends in six weeks or less. It’s not clear the votes are there to add LGBT protections to the law. Read more

Schuette, DeBoer and Rowse to cooperate in getting same-sex marriage case before SCOTUS

Supreme court

Attorney General Bill Schuette and the couple trying to overturn Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage are on opposite sides of the case. But they’ve agreed they will cooperate in trying to get the case on the US Supreme Court docket during the current session. Read more

ACLU of Michigan director denies major roadblocks for LGBT rights in Legislature


Groups that support adding LGBT protections to Michigan’s civil rights law say they’re confident state lawmakers will act this year. That’s despite some recent setbacks.

State House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall, says he wants to make sure the measure doesn’t infringe on religious liberties. And people working closely on the issue say some Republican lawmakers don’t want to include transgender people in the legislation.

ACLU of Michigan Director Kary Moss appeared this week on the Michigan Public Television program Off the Record. She says the business groups pushing for the measure do not have any interest in removing gender identity from the legislation.

“There’s not been debate in the business coalition,” said Moss. “All the members of the coalition agreed to support including both sexual orientation and gender identity. And I think too much has been made of the opinions of a few people who have been concerned about it.”

She said supporters’ focus is squarely on getting the measure passed during the Legislature’s “lame duck” session in December.

“The business community has come together in an unprecedented way. I think that’s created a lot of momentum. I think we’ve had a lot of Republicans who have indicated that the time is now and right and they’re supportive of it.”

Under current state law, people can be fired, denied employment, or denied housing because they are gay or transgender.