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Voter registration event comes to downtown Saginaw

Several organizations are coming together to host an event called Pop The Polls. The price of admission is simply signing up to vote in November.

Pop The Polls is a one day voter registration drive and concert… and everyone in the Great Lakes Bay region is being invited to attend.

Benjamin Champagne is head of production for Pop The Polls. He said he loves seeing people get involved in their community. He hopes a little music, art and creativity will help more people get involved.

“I think that is is one of the most direct actions someone can take towards changing their community and it takes very little effort. You just go vote. You know? It’s not like you gotta go maintain a garden all summer or help build things in the community. It’s one simple act that has so much power to it.”

Champagne said several bands are scheduled to perform… and all people have to do to attend is register to vote. The event will take place Sunday, August 21 in downtown Saginaw.

Enbridge Energy reaches settlement over Kalamazoo River oil spill

f369230151edf0a4e0101cbd111732a1It was announced this week the company behind the 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill, Enbridge Energy, will pay 177 million dollars for the spill.

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Michigan to experience extreme heat

Temperatures are heating up in Michigan. Meteorologists say this week, the state will see the some of the highest temperatures of the summer.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is warning residents in the Midwest to stay safe during the extended period of high heat.

They said people should drink plenty of water, limit their exposure to the sun, and avoid strenuous work during the warmest part of the day.

Jim Keysor is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. He said with the high heat and humidity severe thunderstorms are a possibility.

“We have one complex of thunderstorms potentially Thursday afternoon and evening, and those could be severe with large hail, damaging winds, even an isolated tornado. Probably fairly quiet Friday and Saturday. And then additional thunderstorms on Sunday. So even though we need the rain we certainly don’t want the severe side of it.”

Keysor said this is the first time since 2012 that Michigan has seen a several days of high heat and humidity.

Disclosures reveal private wealth is being funneled into congressional races

THREE 100 DOLLAR ROLLSDisclosures released last week reveal congressional candidates in two primary races have spent a combined one million dollars of personal wealth on their campaigns just last quarter.

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‘Purple mats’ may be the key to increase in oxygen 2.4 billion years ago

Sinkhole_Hoyt_May 30 -31_2012__126 (2)Sinkholes in Lake Huron could hold clues to the oxygenation of Earth 35 hundred million years ago.

That’s because the sinkholes are home to purple mats – microbial organisms that are distant cousins of some of the first life on Earth.

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House Democrats try to make voting easier with a constitutional amendment

Michigan-State-HouseState House Democrats are calling for a voters’ bill of rights in the Michigan Constitution. Voting has been a hot-button issue in the Legislature this election year. Democrats say they want to reverse Republican efforts to end straight-ticket voting, and make it harder to vote absentee.
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