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Aquaculture security workshop addresses invasive species and handling of bait fish

Wildlife officials are working to combat invasive species and aquatic wildlife diseases that can be a threat to Michigan waters.

A workshop in Clare is intended to help to keep potential invaders at bay, by training people who handle bait fish. Read more

DNR grants more than $1 million in wildlife grants

On The Ground MUCC Courtesy  Photo.

On The Ground MUCC Courtesy Photo.

Wildlife enthusiasts, landowners and hunters may see more wildlife in the coming year thanks to habitat funding.

DNR officials announced this month that one million dollars in grant money has been awarded to Michigan individuals and organizations.
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Clean Water Act marks anniversary on Saturday

October 18 is the 42nd anniversary of the Clean Water Act, but National Wildlife Federation officials say the bill’s current ambiguity puts miles of streams and wetlands at risk of losing protection.

The questionable language was found as the result of two recent Supreme Court challenges to the act.
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Businesses big and small flock to SVSU for sustainability conference

Saginaw Valley State University is partnering with Shri Ram College of Commerce from India to host a conference on sustainability.

The event is bringing together corporate representatives and small business owners alike, in order to discuss the many aspects of sustainability on several levels.

J.J. Boehm (Baem), Director of Media Relations for SVSU, says the barriers between local and international business are getting smaller every day.

“It used to be that you could be a successful local or regional business, but in today’s marketplace you need to be able to compete globally in order to succeed even as that local or regional business. And by the same token, a local or regional business may have opportunities in an emerging economy such as India.”

Speakers will take a look at sustainability in regards to energy, family business, agribusiness, and economic development.

The conference began Wednesday, September 24 and runs through Friday the 26.
SVSU Conference on Sustainability:

DNR offers chance to name next hiking and biking trail

The proposed routes for the new trail.

The proposed routes for the new trail.

Have you looked at the name of a street or park and thought ‘Man, I could do better than that!?!’ Well, here’s your chance.

The Department of Natural Resources is holding a contest to name the newest bike and hiking trail that will span the length of Michigan.

It will run from Belle Isle park near Detroit, up to Ironwood on the North-West side of the Upper Peninsula.

The trail consists of two separate routes, one for biking and another for hiking. The hiking route will take you closer to the West side of the state near Grand Rapids. The bike trail holds closer to the East. Both routes will combine existing trails to be slightly over 1,000 miles when finished.

Jacquelyn Baker of the DNR says this will be great for those who live along the trail.

“The Biggest thing is that it has a lot to do with the community. It’s not a brand new trail where we’re doing it independently, it’s really community based. So we really want people to be able to experience the many communities and appreciate all the businesses that it will actually run through.”

You have until October 13th to submit your best trail-name, and the trail is expected to be completed next Fall.

The DNR is offering the winner a choice of three different prizes that will showcase what the trail has to offer.

More information on how to vote is right here.