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Noise complaints prompt DNR to offer free snowmobile noise testing in Gaylord


Noise complaints from homeowners near snowmobile trails have prompted the state to offer free noise testing in Gaylord.

Officials say some riders install an aftermarket muffler on their machine in order to make it louder. Continue reading

Warm weather could offer something new to the Mackinac Island Adventurer


Northern Michigan’s warmer than usual weather could allow ferries headed for Mackinac Island to stay open throughout the winter season.

Allison Abraham is the assistant director for the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau. She said winter tourism on the island isn’t a new thing.

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New website offers tips for older drivers


Telling an older family member that they shouldn’t be driving is tough… but a new state website has resources and tips to make that difficult discussion a little easier.

Safe Drivers Smart Options launched earlier this week. Continue reading

A new vehicle for fun

The Truck and students.

The Truck and students.

This Summer Central Michigan University is rolling out a new program aimed at getting children more active.

The program is called ‘Play on the Way’ and through it, CMU will send out a truck and trailer fully equipped with everything kids need to have fun outdoors.
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Mid-Michigan residents get behind Ann Arbor – Traverse City rail proposal

Mount Pleasant City hall filled with supporters of the A2TC Michigan passenger rail proposal Monday night.

Mount Pleasant City hall filled with supporters of the A2TC Michigan passenger rail proposal Monday night.

An ambitious project known as A2TC is gaining strength in communities across lower Michigan. The project is proposing to use existing railroads to implement a passenger train service linking Traverse City to Ann Arbor. Continue reading

Soo Locks economic study receives federal funding

After more than a year of effort, the federal government has approved funding for a study to examine the economic impact of adding a new lock in Sault Ste Marie.

Currently only the Poe Lock can handle the largest vessels, which carry a majority of the iron ore on the Great Lakes. Continue reading

German ship held in port

A German ship flying the Liberian flag is being held in a Great Lakes port while the Coast Guard investigates possible environmental violations.

The ship Cornelia traveled from New York to Minnesota. It likely traversed all the Great Lakes except Lake Michigan.

The Cornelia has been retained for over 2 weeks at the Duluth port on Lake Superior.

Lieutenant Pat Lammersen is with the Coast Guard. He said there’s not much he can reveal about the investigation.

“Outside the Duluth lift bridge in Lake Superior it’s anchored up, all I can say is that the Coast Guard is investigating the motor vessel Cornelia for alleged violations of U.S environmental regulations.”

Lammersen said the ship and it’s crew are not a threat to public safety.

“The Liberian flag vessel and crew are prohibited from leaving the Duluth until cleared by customs and border protection. Vessel and crew do not pose any public safety threat. Any speculation that the ship is being held in port due to safety concerns is not true.”

The ship’s crew is not allowed to leave the vessel until the investigation is over.

BATA implements new riding policy, deterring no-shows


The Bay Area Transportation Authority is hoping to deter no-call, no-shows with a new policy that began this month.

BATA implemented a new policy where depending on how often you ride, are allowed a certain number of no-shows. Continue reading

State may have trouble changing vehicle registration fees to boost road funding

bad-yellow-line-roadjpg-55a2be0a87eeea1d_largeThe state may have hit a snag in its ability to raise vehicle registration fees to pay for road repairs.

Legislation that Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law last week depends in part on raising vehicle registration fees to boost road funding. But the Michigan Secretary of State’s office doesn’t have the source code it needs to make those changes to its computer system. So it’s suing Hewlett-Packard to turn it over. Continue reading

Airlines are seeing the biggest increase in Thanksgiving flights since the great recession


Over 25 million people are expected to fly over the Thanksgiving holiday period from November 20 – December 1. Thankfully, airlines are prepared for the large number of travelers.

Airlines for America said this is the largest number of Thanksgiving holiday flights booked since the great recession in 2009. It’s also a 3% increase from last year. Continue reading

Why do we remember the Edmund Fitzgerald?

Lake Superior off Whitefish Point.

Lake Superior off Whitefish Point.

Forty years ago tonight, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank off of Whitefish Point in Lake Superior. All these years later this shipwreck sticks in our collective memory as a representative of all the ships that have gone down on the Great Lakes.

Jennifer Weingart talked with maritime historian Frederick Stonehouse about why, out of thousands of shipwrecks on the lakes, this is the one that is most remembered.
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Looking back on the Edmund Fitzgerald, 40 years later

A Lego model of the Edmund Fitzgerald on display at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

A Lego model of the Edmund Fitzgerald on display at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. It’s still unknown what exactly caused the Fitzgerald to slip under the waves during that infamous November gale, but is known to keep the mystery on the public’s mind 40 years later.

Jennifer Weingart talked with Bruce Lynn, the Director of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, about what happened on the Fitzgerald’s ill-fated final voyage.
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State Senate leader: Lawmakers will likely revisit road funding issues soon

Capital_Building_LansingState lawmakers may not be done putting more money into road repairs.

The Legislature recently sent Gov. Rick Snyder a plan that gradually boosts road funding by $1.2 billion a year by 2021. But those increases don’t start until 2017.

In the meantime, lawmakers could continue putting one-time money into roads. Continue reading

Lawmakers send road funding plan to Gov. Snyder’s desk

Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Snyder address reporters after a late-night marathon session that ended with approval of a road funding plan. (L-R) Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, House Speaker Kevin Cotter, Gov. Snyder, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof.

Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Snyder address reporters after a late-night marathon session that ended with approval of a road funding plan. (L-R) Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, House Speaker Kevin Cotter, Gov. Snyder, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof.

After years of gridlock, state lawmakers have sent Gov. Rick Snyder legislation to boost road funding.

The Republican plan passed by the narrowest of margins in the state Senate and the House after a marathon session that went late into Tuesday night. It raises Michigan’s gas tax and vehicle registration fees by $600 million starting in 2017. It also eventually shifts $600 million from other areas of the state budget. Continue reading

Speaker: Road talks getting in the way of DPS rescue, other big issues

State House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant)

State House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant)

Republican leaders in the state Senate hope to hold a vote this week on a road funding plan.

Many lawmakers are becoming more eager to get roads out of the way so they can move onto other major issues.

Not only does Gov. Rick Snyder want the Legislature this year to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to rescue Detroit Public Schools – lawmakers are also set to take up a major overhaul of Michigan’s energy policy. Continue reading

Fiat Chrysler strike could hurt local dealerships


Workers and management at a local car dealership are crossing their fingers that the UAW does not strike Fiat Chrysler at midnight Wednesday.

When the current contract between the United Auto Workers and Fiat Chrysler expires. Continue reading

Two dealerships; one in Lansing and one in Mt. Pleasant have been suspended

University Motor Mall sign. Photo courtesy of

University Motor Mall sign. Photo courtesy of

Two dealerships; one in Mt. Pleasant, one in Lansing, have been suspended from buying or selling vehicles.

The Secretary of State received complaints from customers who did not get a title or registration after buying a vehicle from University Motor Mall. Continue reading

Petoskey will be the first city in Michigan to use a traffic safety device

Intertown Road in Petoskey. Photo courtesy of MDOT.

Intertown Road in Petoskey. Photo courtesy of MDOT.

One Petoskey intersection is expected be a little safer this fall. The city is scheduled to be the first in Michigan to receive a new traffic safety device.

It’s called a Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System . It will be installed at a blind intersection on US-131 and Intertown Rd. Continue reading

Pedestrian tunnel in Petoskey allows for safer crossing between schools


For students, crossing the street in Petoskey just got a whole lot safer. A pedestrian tunnel now lets people cross the road between the middle and high school underground.

Construction started in the spring and wrapped up just last week. Continue reading