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Alterations made to award-winning license plate

Displayed is the original plate (top) and the updated plate (bottom). Photo courtesy of the Secretary of State.

Displayed is the original plate (top) and the updated plate (bottom). Photo courtesy of the Secretary of State.

It’s been out for just about a year, and changes have already been made to Michigan’s newest, and award-winning, license plate.
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Deer are threatening the safety of air travelers

goofy deer

Wildlife and aviation experts say deer have become nuisances for airports and threats to pilots, especially during this time of year.

Officials say deer are attracted to airport runways for warmth. Runways maintain heat longer than the bare ground.
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DNR offers chance to name next hiking and biking trail

The proposed routes for the new trail.

The proposed routes for the new trail.

Have you looked at the name of a street or park and thought ‘Man, I could do better than that!?!’ Well, here’s your chance.

The Department of Natural Resources is holding a contest to name the newest bike and hiking trail that will span the length of Michigan.

It will run from Belle Isle park near Detroit, up to Ironwood on the North-West side of the Upper Peninsula.

The trail consists of two separate routes, one for biking and another for hiking. The hiking route will take you closer to the West side of the state near Grand Rapids. The bike trail holds closer to the East. Both routes will combine existing trails to be slightly over 1,000 miles when finished.

Jacquelyn Baker of the DNR says this will be great for those who live along the trail.

“The Biggest thing is that it has a lot to do with the community. It’s not a brand new trail where we’re doing it independently, it’s really community based. So we really want people to be able to experience the many communities and appreciate all the businesses that it will actually run through.”

You have until October 13th to submit your best trail-name, and the trail is expected to be completed next Fall.

The DNR is offering the winner a choice of three different prizes that will showcase what the trail has to offer.

More information on how to vote is right here.

Libertarian thinktank ranks Michigan 32 in highways

Despite all of the construction Michigan drivers seem to encounter during the warmer months, the state has a mediocre highway system – this according to a national, libertarian thinktank organization.

A new report by the Reason Foundation ranks Michigan 32 in highway performance and cost-effectiveness.
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MDOT is looking to make roads safer with “Road Watchers”

Winter can be rough on northern Michigan roads, and a new program aims to keep drivers safe this winter.

The Michigan Department of Transportation Is looking for what they call “Road Watchers” who would rate driving conditions in the Upper Peninsula. Read more