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CMU prepares to host Early Childhood Summit

Central Michigan University is preparing to host what is being billed as a global summit on early childhood.

In two weeks (June 3-5), the campus will welcome policy makers, health care providers, educators and the public to a weekend event focusing on issues affecting the development of young children.
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Statewide teacher evaluation bill clears big hurdle in the state Senate


A bill meant to improve teacher evaluations across Michigan has cleared the state Senate.

Similar legislation never got out of the Senate last year. Bill sponsor state Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair) says Senate Bill 103 relies less on state standardized tests to evaluate teachers and administrators. Continue reading

LSSU students educate expectant mothers about perinatal vaccination

LSSUNursinBabyShower8903Soon-to-be mothers in the eastern U-P had the chance recently to learn about the importance of perinatal vaccinations.

Nursing students from Lake Superior State University presented information on the value of perinatal vaccinations to hundreds of expectant mothers and their families. It was part of a community wide baby shower. Continue reading

Getting to the bottom of rising national student loan debt

College Students
The school year winding down means graduation ceremonies are around the corner.

Whether graduating students are leaving college, or getting ready to attend, one thing on many students’ minds is student loans. Continue reading

Detroit teacher protest closes 18 schools


Eighteen schools in Detroit were closed Thursday as teachers and other staff skipped classes to protest at the state Capitol. Their target was Governor Rick Snyder’s latest turnaround plan for the Detroit Public Schools. Continue reading

Lake Superior State University is Working on Expanding Their Aquatic Research Laboratory

Lake Superior State University is planning a 12 million dollar renovation of its aquatic research laboratory.

Ashley Moerke (mer-key) is a professor of Biology and co-director of the aquatic research lab at Lake Superior State University.

“What we’ve proposed is a 12 million dollar expansion of our existing aquatic research laboratory at Lake Superior State University. And this is a building that would be enhancing our capabilities in areas of freshwater research, public education and outreach, student training and in community involvement in our region.”

Moerke said the project would be funded with state funds and that it’s a priority in the governor’s  budget.

She said state funding would cover 75 percent of project costs. The rest will come from fundraising and private donations.

The project aims to create new facilities for students to get hands-on experience.

It would also create a center for the general public, in an attempt to educate the community about issues facing the Great Lakes.

“We’re working on it being a true center. So we’re trying to bring in collaborators from other agencies, from other universities that will conduct research at our center for freshwater research and education, that may have offices in that center. So it will provide a community of experts of Great Lakes issues in this region.”

The project will begin as soon as funding is secured.

CMU Professor named Michigan Distinguished Professor

faculty wards. President award. Gary Dunbar

Dr. Gary Dunbar has accomplished alot in his 33 years here at Central Michigan University. From being with the neuroscience program from the beginning, to seeing it become top in the nation in 2013. Continue reading

Lawmakers take aim at antiquated, duplicative reporting requirements for schools


State lawmakers could rethink how much and what kind of information schools are required to report to the state.

Schools must report financial, academic, and other information. But school groups often complain the number of mandated reports diverts too much time and too many resources away from classroom instruction.

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State Board of Education considers taking Snyder to court over executive order


The state Board of Education (SBE) is considering a court challenge to an executive order signed last week by Gov. Rick Snyder.

The order takes control of Michigan’s School Reform Office away from the elected SBE and state education officials. It puts the office, which is meant to oversee Michigan’s lowest performing schools, directly under Snyder’s control.
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Grand Traverse County College faculty vote to unionize

NMC courtesy photo

NMC courtesy photo

Officials at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City said their faculty has voted to unionize.

Officials said faculty voted to join the Michigan Education Association.

Marguerite Cotto is with Northwestern Michigan College.

“This is a change in status for faculty that is not driven by questions of compensation- basic salary or wages- this is a very different type of conversation that is emerging for a desire to have a different role and scope of conversation within the college,” Cotto said.

She said the vote was 65 to 16 in favor of unionizing. One vote was not counted due to a spoiled ballot.

Cotto said students shouldn’t notice any changes from the vote.

MEA certification is scheduled for March 23.