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Foster care bills on Governor’s desk drafted by U of M law students

Congreso Spain

Two bills signed into law this week could help keep siblings in foster care together.

We’ve already done some reporting on the bills, but not on the unusual path the bills took to get to Snyder’s desk.

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Governor Snyder signs Detroit schools bailout

Gov Rick SnyderGovernor Rick Snyder has signed a 617 (m) million dollar bailout of the Detroit Public Schools.

The plan creates a new debt-free Detroit school district. It will focus on educating the district’s 46 thousand students while the old district pays down the old debt.

The bills signed by the governor also return control of the district to a locally elected school board following seven years of state control.

“So I think we’re on a positive path and I look forward to hopefully what that process happen.”

Critics say the Republican plan isn’t up to the task, and only delays the need for another rescue package or the collapse of the district.

The bills were adopted by the Legislature with no support from Democrats, Detroit lawmakers, or the city’s mayor.

State libraries encourage all ages to read

IMG_1479It seems summer reading programs aren’t just for kids anymore.

Michigan public libraries are launching summer reading programs that encourages kids,teens even and adults to pick up a book and read.

Bill Disessa is the spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Education.

He says it’s important for parents to set an example by reading. Kids reading skills can get rusty over the summer and cause a slowdown in the fall.

“Often times their teachers have to spend time that they had planned to spend moving forward .But unfortunately due to some sort of back sliding over the summer, they spend some instructions time at the beginning of the new school year going over old plans and old lessons that they should’ve just left the previous year.”

Disessa said the State theme for this summer’s reading programs is wellness,fitness and sports.

The program is also focusing on science,technology,engineering and math or STEM activities.

A new high school aviation program is slated to begin this fall in Emmet County


Emmet County is hoping to help address a nationwide shortage of pilots and aircraft mechanics, by teaching high school students to take to the skies.

Harbor Springs, Pellston and Alanson public schools will send upperclassman to the Pellston Airport. Continue reading

A group of CMU students are planning to travel more than 7,000 miles this week to gain experience in international journalism

Lmm6Y8zg_400x400Three CMU journalism students will be traveling to Beijing, China to intern at the China Daily- the largest English language newspaper in the country.
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Public Health officials are working to raise awareness on an illness that about half of the people infected don’t know they have

file00052669059Public health officials say over half of all people with Hepatitis C don’t know they have the illness. It often doesn’t show symptoms. The CDC says middle-aged Americans are one group at risk. And recently the spread of the virus has been tied to 18-29 year old drug users sharing needles.

Jennifer Eisner is a public information officer with the Michigan Department of Health and Human services

She says Hep C is a blood borne pathogen that affects the liver. It’s spread by contact with contaminated blood.

“There’s no vaccines for hepatitis C but there are treatments that can cure the infection. But because people with hepatitis C are often asymptomatic then most people have not been tested it’s really important to talk to your doctor and have those conversations to determine if testing is appropriate for you.”

Eisner said if Hepatitis C isn’t treated it can lead to liver cancer and sometimes death.

To find out more information on Hep C and how to get tested visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website

New academic programs, hall and a tuition raise approved for Ferris State University

ferris state

Ferris State University’s Board of Trustees has approved some major changes for the fall semester.

A new residence hall is slated to begin construction next month, two new academic programs will be added to the curriculum, and a two percent tuition increase was approved for next year. Continue reading

Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, is presenting a ten day series on climate change, water access and food security

Associate Professor, Gayle Broad

Associate Professor, Gayle Broad

The goal of the series is to give young people a platform to discuss how issues like water access impact communities around the world.

Gayle Broad is an associate professor at Algoma University.

“We provided opportunities for youth to come together and exchange ideas about how they like to see a change in the word. And the issues that the young people were bringing forward were really big issue that they wanted to solve, centered around these three different themes.”

Broad said young people in Colombia will join students from Algoma University via Skype to discuss their changing world in the series’ final session.

To see the full list of events for the series visit Algoma University’s webpage

CMU professor uses audio drama to help kids with autism

(L toR) Al Wildy, the voice of Dad, Jay Armstrong, Voice of Matt and Nick Swan, Voice of Tyler record The Tortoise and the Hare.

(L toR) Al Wildy, the voice of Dad, Jay Armstrong, Voice of Matt and Nick Swan, Voice of Tyler record The Tortoise and the Hare.

One in every 68 American children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Most of these children will receive some sort of traditional behavioral therapy, but new ways to treat the disorders are constantly popping up. Sometimes from the most unexpected places.

Recently, a researcher at Central Michigan University created an audio drama to help kids learn social skills.
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