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Cadillac is celebrating an historic anniversary by rock n’ rolling all nite

Photo courtesy of Jim Neff

Photo courtesy of Jim Neff

When you were in high school, it might have been really exciting to get a local band to perform at a dance… or maybe a really good DJ. Residents in one Wexford county city this weekend are celebrating the anniversary of super- band KISS coming to town.

That KISS. The band that popularized sogs like  Rock and Roll All Nite, Beth, and Detroit Rock City. Continue reading

Printing jaws and fingers and everything in between

Alma College Dow Facility

Alma College Dow Facility

What do Anthropology, Twitter and an Engineering lab have in common? Absolutely nothing!
However, the combination of those three things somehow ended up leading to Alma College getting their hands on copies of fossils faster than ever before.
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Community colleges will observe moment of silence for Oregon shooting


Community colleges across the nation will observe a moment of silence at 2 p.m. on Thursday, October 8th in remembrance of the Umpqua Community College shooting last week.

Mid-Michigan and Alpena Community Colleges are a couple of Michigan colleges that have confirmed they will be participating in the campus-wide remembrance. Continue reading

Governor Snyder addresses Flint water crisis

Snyder and meA technical panel is scheduled to meet this week to address the drinking water crisis in Flint.

On Friday, an action plan was announced to deal with the presence of lead in the drinking water supply. The contamination was reported after the city began getting water from the Flint River.

Governor Rick Snyder addressed criticism of his administration’s handling of the issue with CMU Public Radio’s David Nicholas…
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State wrapping up public input on new science and social studies standards

School-GenericThe public comment period is winding down for proposed new state science and social studies standards. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will hold three public meetings on the standards this week.
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Access to technology drives people to the library


Libraries in many cities, including Clare, Charlevoix and Traverse City say they’re seeing a change in library usage.

Officials say these days people are coming in less for books and more for technology. Continue reading

Thirteen Michigan school are being recognized with a Blue Ribbon Award

Thirteen Michigan schools are being recognized nationally for their academic achievements.blueribbon

The U.S. Department of Education is recognizing the schools as National Blue Ribbon winners.

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State issues $113 million dollars to seven Michigan universities

A mistake that was repeated annually for 19 years will cost the state over $112 million, as refunds CMURefundare issued to seven different universities.

The refund is tied to payments to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. The system had been over billing the universities for nearly two decades.
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Community colleges looking to bankroll new Highland Park K-14 school system

School desksState and local officials may be close to a deal to create a new K-14 school system in Highland Park.

A number of community colleges are interested in bankrolling much of the revamped system, according to people involved in the talks. Continue reading

An introduction to outer space

Example of what may be in store for viewers this Friday (10-2) Courtesy of the planetarium.

Example of what may be in store for viewers this Friday (10-2) Courtesy of the planetarium.

The Bay City Planetarium is attempting to restore some of the intrigue and wonder towards outer space that some people may have lost since childhood.
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Lee Cockerell and doing things the Disney way

Cockerell-CMUNews_miniUnique skills are needed for many jobs, but nearly every employer looks for good customer service and leadership traits in the people they hire.

Central Michigan University this week will host a man who honed those skills at a place where seven thousand (7,000) workers need it to be perfect every day — Disney World.

Lee Cockerell is a former executive vice president of operations for the number one tourist destination in the world. And he’s the definition of a busy guy.

David Nicholas found that out when catching up with him — on the phone — as Cockerell was boarding a plane — on another round of stops before coming to share his experience with CMU students…
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Northern Michigan students building robots in the Fab Lab

FabLabAn eight thousand dollar grant is being put to use in northern Michigan training students in high tech manufacturing.

The Petoskey Harbor Springs Community foundation granted the money to cover the costs for twelve students to gain modern manufacturing skills while earning both high school and college credits, all in the back of a high tech trailer.
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Bill to bolster third grade reading clears state House panel

books-13A bipartisan bill meant to strengthen reading skills by the third grade has cleared a state House committee.

New language in House Bill 4822 encourages schools to adopt summer reading camps for students who fall behind.
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Grand Valley State University program launched in Traverse City this fall


In an effort to combat the shortage of physician assistants in northern Michigan, Grand Valley State University has open a program in Traverse City.

Grand Valley is kicking off the first year of its new program in Traverse City. Continue reading

Are vaccines safe? lecture to take place at northwestern michigan college

Dr. Dean Sienko will discuss facts and misconceptions about vaccinations and immunizations at Northwestern Michigan College.

Dr. Dean Sienko will discuss facts and misconceptions about vaccinations and immunizations at Northwestern Michigan College.

Are vaccines and immunizations safe? The topic on whether or not vaccines are safe for children and adults will be brought on stage Tuesday morning in a lecture presented free to the public. Continue reading

State Senate approves legislation that would resolve the former Buena Vista’s School District debt

The former Buena Vista School District’s remaining debt is one step closer to being paid off.

The Saginaw County district was dissolved back in 2013, but still has a debt totaling $660,000.
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Black Lives Matter

BLM ProfileTonight, concerned citizens in Mt Pleasant will host what organizers are calling a Community Action Dialogue, titled “Black Lives Matter.”

David Nicholas sat down in our studios with Andy Blom, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Central Michigan University and Joyce Henricks, Professor Emerita in Phiosophy, to learn more. Henricks began by describing the movement’s roots…

“The Black Lives Matter movement started a few years ago with events in Florida, but we didn’t do anything here in town. And some of us were very concerned about the fact that the kind of incidents that were being reported elsewhere were happening here but without the end result, without the violence.”

The incidents Henricks describes in Mount Pleasant and on the CMU campus are anecdotal. Neither she, Andy Blom nor I brought police statistics to this discussion.

“I come from a time when someone says we gotta do something. It meant you go out and you march and you picket and you demonstrate and you make noise. We got together and my friends wisely counseled me that that’s not the way to approach it here in town and so what we realized is that we need to educate people. We need to make people aware that the incidents that have been reported in the national press over the last, you know, year or so, are not unique. That they have been occurring before and there are many more that are occurring that we don’t hear about. And we do hear in town incidents from people about being…feeling, perceiving that they are being profiled by the police, that there is discrimination here against people of color.”

Perception, Henricks says, that mirrors statistics of incarceration for people of color in Mt Pleasant, around the state and across the nation.

Andy Blom noted that CMU students can always file complaints with campus police — they and others in the community can also lodge concerns with the Isabella County Human Rights Committee.

He says there is a gap between experiences and formal charges…

“They’re often very difficult to interpret. You know that you’re having an experience where you perceive that you are being harassed or you are being subject to attention or suspicion that your white counterparts have not been. But very often it’s not the kind of case where somebody’s going to come up to you and tell you exactly why they’re giving you this extra attention, this extra suspicion. But we know nationally from the stories that we’ve heard from many communities like ours and larger communities as well that these are very common experiences for people of color to have with the police and so it’s very…it’s very plausible to interpret a lot of these encounters as, as bringing suspicion because of one’s race and so part of having a dialogue for this rather than looking into formal complaints right away and that sort of thing it to begin to identify where our problems are and to make us more aware and to make us more aware as a community of what the issues are, uh, so that we can be proactive.”

Blom is one of the organizers for this year’s Speak Up, Speak Out forums at CMU. Included in that schedule is a direct discussion of Racism, Police, Communities.

Blom says there are parallels for both events — and hopes that raised awareness is just beginning…

“So really what we’re hoping Tuesday will be is an open dialogue for people to be able to come together and learn from each other and talk about possible solutions. And then moving forward, we hope that this is going — what we intend for this to be is a long-term project where this will not be the first and last meeting where we’re going to have continuous meetings on the issues that we identify and that this will a continual process of education too for all us in the community and part of that will come up at the Speak Up, Speak Out forum in January.”

Andy Blom, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Central Michigan University and Joyce Henricks, Professor Emerita in Phiosophy, spoke with CMU Public Radio’s David Nicholas.

The Community Action Dialogue, “Black Lives Matter,” will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) evening from 7-9 pm at the Veterans Memorial Library Annex in downtown Mt Pleasant.

It is a project of the Mt Pleasant Area Diversity Group.

We’d like to know if similar discussions are going in your community.

Let us know at or on our facebook page, radio