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“Prevailing wage” to be an issue before new Legislature

money-coinsIt’s looking like “prevailing wage” will be an issue in the Legislature’s new session. It deals with pay rates for construction workers on publicly funded projects. It’s an issue that divides Governor Rick Snyder and the Legislature’s Republican leaders.
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Schuette joins blind man’s United States Supreme Court lawsuit

judgepic13The state Attorney General has filed a brief in a discrimination case that could be headed for the United States Supreme Court

This is the third brief Attorney General Bill Schuette has filed in the case going back to 2011.

Angelo Binno is legally blind. He is suing the American Bar Association for disability discrimination.

Binno says he was rejected from every law school he applied to because he couldn’t draw diagrams for the logic games portion of the L-SAT and scored too low on the test.

Megan Hawthorne is the deputy press secretary for Schuette’s office.

“The Attorney General, as a lawyer himself, just thinks it’s super important that just because someone has a seeing disability does not affect their ability to be a successful practicing attorney.”

The Attorney General for the state of Ohio also signed onto the brief.

Michigan a “no kill” state

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Dogs – and for many people – cats are known as man’s best friend. However, many pets in Michigan shelters are waiting for a best friend of their own.

In 2010, over 100-thousand animals in Michigan animals shelters were euthanized. The state now encourages shelters to choose alternatives methods, to work towards a “no kill” status, and avoid euthanizing healthy or treatable animals.

The state is encouraging animals shelters across Michigan to adopt the “no kill” philosophy.

Matthew Pepper is the President and CEO for the Michigan Humane Society. He said this is a way for shelters to balance their responsibilities to the animals and communities.

“So I think it came from the need to do better in shelters, the need to continue to evolve, which I think naturally would have happened anyways. But I think it’s a natural revolution to see what more we can do for the animals in our care.”

Pepper said community members can help by adopting pets from local shelters, volunteering, and advocating for responsible pet care and ownership.

Budget experts and economists crunch numbers at the State Capitol

money-coinsBudget and economic experts predict a bright fiscal future in Michigan. The Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference met today (Thurs) at the State Capitol.

2018 is looking good. From a financial standpoint that is.

Economists predict more economic growth in the United States and in Michigan, but the growth will be slow.

Gabriel Ehrlich is the Director of the Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics at the University of Michigan. He says we can expect to see a slowdown in job growth in Michigan, but part of that is because the labor force is getting toward full employment.

“We don’t believe it’s at full employment but there are fewer unemployed workers on the sidelines just waiting for jobs. So we see job growth slowing down.”

2018 will also see about 330 (m) million dollars in so-called “one-time” funds, but it is not expected to be a recurring event.

Roadwork to begin on I-475 in Genesee county

DSC04489-Color Boost
One of Mid-Michigan’s most traveled freeways will soon be under construction. The state department of transportation plans to reconstruct I-475 in Genesee county. The state has reached out to local residents for their input on the changes to be made.

Construction is scheduled to begin in April of 2018 and run to the fall of 2019.

As part of the 39-million dollar project workers will remove two pedestrian bridges, and they’ll replace loop ramps with what are called diamond interchanges.

Ryan Doyle is the Cost and Scheduling Engineer for the Michigan Department of Transportation. He said reconstruction on I-475 is overdue.

“First and foremost it was in poor condition and we needed to address that, so we we’re looking to reconstruct, and we looked at everything through that section of road to what improvements we can make through there.”

Doyle said the work will also include reducing parts of the freeway down to two-lanes. He said that’s in response to population loss in and around the Flint area.

Michigan students to be trained in CPR before graduation

_DSC6201A new law requires Michigan schools to teach students how to perform hands-only CPR training as well as defibrillator use.

The training must be administered sometime between seventh and 12th grade.

Sarah Poole is with Michigan’s American Heart Association.

“This is legislation that we started talking with lawmakers about probably a year and a half ago, and a number of lawmakers at that point expressed support and really came on board in fact a number of them shared stories of using CPR to save somebody.”

Poole says Michigan is the 36th state to require CPR training in public schools.