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St. Louis residents continue to deal with Velsicol health impacts

Bench outside former Velsicol plant site

Bench outside former Velsicol plant site

The former Velsicol plant site is surrounded by several community blocks where people still live.

Originally the EPA thought the contamination from the plant could be contained within the borders of the site. However, years after the initial cleanup, EPA officials determined this wasn’t the case. Continue reading

St. Louis still recovering from Velsicol contamination

T.S Nurnberger excavation

T.S Nurnberger excavation

Dust and dirt settled around me in a mound the size of a mobile home when T.S Nurnberger Middle School’s practice football field was excavated.

The field is contaminated with chemicals that came from the Pine River. Continue reading

New proposals seek to increase access to birth control in Michigan


The state would have to take measures meant to increase access to birth control under new proposals in the state Legislature.

Democrats unveiled the forthcoming bills on Wednesday. They would require businesses to inform workers and job applicants of reproductive health care coverage and require the state to distribute information about emergency contraception. Continue reading

Second case of Chronic Wasting Disease confirmed in Michigan


A second deer has been confirmed to have Chronic Wasting Disease.

Chronic Wasting Disease – or CWD – is a fatal brain disease that affects deer and moose. Wildlife officials say infected animals have -quote – “zombie like” behavior.

The second case of CWD was confirmed by the DNR in Ingham County, only a mile away from the first case which was reported in May.

Officials say genetic testing is being done to determine if the two deer are related.

CWD does not infect humans.

Suspicious looking deer should be reported to the DNR.

Proposed new clean air rules would focus on fewer chemicals


The state Department of Environmental Quality has proposed new clean air rules. The DEQ said they will allow regulators to focus more attention on the most toxic substances.

The environmental agency currently has a list of more than 12-hundred substances that trigger an automatic review when they’re mentioned as part of an application for a smokestack permit. The new, shorter list would have closer to 750. Karen Tommasulo is with the DEQ. Continue reading

Munson, Spectrum partner to improve air ambulance service

Munson and Spectrum healthcare partnering to provide more efficient air ambulance services

Munson and Spectrum healthcare partnering to provide more efficient air ambulance services

Two of Michigan’s largest healthcare providers have partnered up to improve air ambulance operations in northern Michigan. Spectrum Health and Munson Healthcare have entered in to an agreement which will utilize both of its emergency flight services into a joint venture. Continue reading

Charlevoix Area Hospital receives grant for surgical suite project

BW Surgery close up hands
Charlevoix Area Hospital has received a grant to help pay for a new surgical suite. The $50,000 grant comes from The Oleson Foundation of Traverse City.

The new surgical suite is part of a series of projects to update facilities at the hospital. Work has already been completed on a new Chemotherapy-Infusion Center, and an expansion of the hospital’s primary care facility in Boyne City. Continue reading

More mosquitoes could mean fewer cases of West Nile



Larger mosquito populations this year may feel like a curse, but specialists have said it could be a blessing in disguise.

“More mosquitoes can actually mean fewer mosquito-borne diseases,” said Dr. Carl Doud. He’s a mosquito specialist with the Midland County Health Department. Continue reading

Report: Most kids on Medicaid don’t get dental care


A new report commissioned by advocacy groups says many low-income kids and seniors are going without dental care.

The report by the PEW Charitable Trust said there are many parts of Michigan facing a shortage of dentists. Also, many people don’t use dental services when they’re available. Continue reading

Former elementary school finds new owner, and purpose, in Manistee County

Photo courtesy of UpNorthLive

Photo courtesy of UpNorthLive

A former elementary school in Manistee County has been purchased with the intent to turn it into an assisted living home for seniors.

The former Kennedy Elementary School has been closed since 2011. The Manistee Area Public School District cites declining enrollment as a big reason for the closure. Since then the school and property has been empty. Continue reading

Supreme Court decision means 230,000 Michiganders keep insurance subsidies


About 230,000 Michiganders receive the federal healthcare subsidies upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday.

A number of state officials cheered the ruling. They say losing the subsidies would likely have meant higher premiums for everyone shopping on the health exchange in Michigan. Continue reading

Lawmakers: Health departments should inspect prison kitchens


Republican and Democratic lawmakers at the state Capitol say it’s time for prison kitchens to be inspected by local health agencies. That’s after the most recent instance of maggots found in a corrections food service facility.

Prison kitchens are currently exempt from local health inspections. Continue reading

Poll: Majority of Michigan voters support legalizing pot

imagesA majority of Michigan voters support legalizing small amounts of marijuana, according to a statewide poll released this week.

56% support legalization efforts, while 36% are opposed. The poll, conducted for the Detroit Free Press and WDIV television, surveyed 600 Michigan voters, and had a four percent margin of error. Continue reading

MI offers assistance given to businesses serving healthy food


Help is now available for groceries and other vendors wanting to offer more fresh, healthy food to their customers.

The Michigan Good Food Fund is a public private partnership, offering loans and grants to businesses in communities where fresh food is not widely available. Continue reading

Michigan awarded Federal Grant to feed kids during summer


A five and a half million dollar grant will provide students from around Michigan with money for food.

The grant from the US Department of Agriculture will allow several school districts around the state to provide summer meals to students. Continue reading