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Health officials testing sewer contaminated water in Grand Traverse Bay


Health officials in Traverse City expect to know Tuesday, June 13, whether or not they can lift a public health advisory in the Grand Traverse Bay

Three-thousand gallons of untreated sewage leaked out of a sewer, and into a creek that flows through the Boardman River, and into Grand Traverse Bay on Saturday, June 11. Continue reading

A new charity license plate in Michigan aims to recruit more bone marrow donors


The Michigan Secretary of State’s Office and Michigan Blood this week released the first charity license plate in the nation supporting bone marrow donations.

Michigan Blood is hoping to add more bone marrow donors to the registry. Over 70 percent of marrow matches come from strangers, rather than family members — and the organization says expanding the registry is vitally important. Continue reading

New study shows Michigan corrections officers suffer from PTSD, depression symptoms

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Michigan corrections officers have a greater chance than the general population of having PPTSD or depression. That’s the finding of a new study.

A study conducted for the Michigan Corrections Organization shows that 34% of corrections officers have PTSD symptoms. 36% have symptoms of depression. Continue reading

The state is offering to forgive student loan debt for medical professionals in Genesee County

Opened First Aid Kit

Opened First Aid Kit

In a move to address health concerns among Flint residents related to the water crisis, the state is offering to forgive student loans for health care professionals in Genesee County.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human services is offering to forgive up to 50 thousand dollars of student loans for as many as 15 health professionals. Continue reading

Portion of revenue sharing from Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians going toward gambling addiction treatment


Emmet County is looking to help community members who struggle with gambling addictions. Revenue from the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians has been earmarked for a gambling addiction treatment program.

Under a state compact with the tribe, two percent of the net revenues from the Odawa Casino are required to be distributed throughout Emmet County. Continue reading

A Saginaw safe fitness park will be opening for the summer this weekend

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A gated fitness park will be opening  Sunday in Saginaw.

The park was created in 2010 by Mission in the City, a nonprofit connected with a Saginaw church, New Life baptist, after homes were demolished on the property.

The church wanted to help people in Saginaw have a safe place to get active.

Yvette Haynes is with Mission in the City. She said the park has a number of features.

“A pavilion, a quarter mile walking track, a toddlers playground, two full size basketball courts that can be converted to playing volleyball and lots of green area.”

Hanyes said the church wanted to help people in Saginaw have a safe place to get active.

“Our church back in 1999 did a community survey based on the needs of the people in the community and recreation was one of those areas, and so that became our mission, which is now a 501 C 3 community development arm of our church, where we get out the walls of the church and become externally focused.

Haynes said the park will be open to the public until October.