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State launches effort to reduce trauma for infants in foster care

_ICT1041-01State officials say too many infants experience psychological trauma when they are removed from their homes and put into foster care. The Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) hopes to change that with a new set of policies.
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Researchers say obesity is linked to cancer

It’s common knowledge that being overweight isn’t good for your health, but according to researchers weight can also increase your chances of getting cancer.

The Centers For Disease Control says 66 percent of Michigan adults are overweight, and 33 percent are obese. Read more

Terri Lynn Land says she does not support embryonic stem cell research


The Republican nominee for Michigan’s open US Senate seat says she does not support embryonic stem cell research. Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land appeared Friday (10/3) on the Michigan Public Radio program “Michigan Calling.”

She says she only supports using adult stem cells in medical research.

“I do not support embryonic stem cell research. Adult stem cell research is something that’s shown that they can find some uses for, so I would support that.”

Land declined to say whether she’d push to reverse President Obama’s 2009 decision to open up federal funding for broader research involving embryonic stem cells.

Land’s Democratic opponent in the US Senate race is Congressman Gary Peters. He supports embryonic stem cell research.