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Congress to consider new legislation aimed at improving health care for Veterans

veterans 11-13-13Veteran’s Day will be fresh in the minds of congress as they return to work this week and consider legislation that aims to improve the health care system for the growing number of vets.

With veterans returning home in unprecedented numbers, veteran care officials say health care issues for veterans need to be addressed. Read more

Clean Water Act marks anniversary on Saturday

October 18 is the 42nd anniversary of the Clean Water Act, but National Wildlife Federation officials say the bill’s current ambiguity puts miles of streams and wetlands at risk of losing protection.

The questionable language was found as the result of two recent Supreme Court challenges to the act.
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FEMA approves more than $33 million for Michigan flood victims.

Federal and state officials say their efforts to get Michigan flood victims to apply for assistance are working. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says more than 40,000 people have applied in less than two weeks.
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Food stamp aid to decrease for Michigan families

More than 100,000 Michigan families are facing cuts in food aid coming as early as October, since Michigan has opted out of what officials are calling a “loophole” in a federal program.
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