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Physician assistant suicide bill introduced by Michigan legislature

file8321273697614A new bill would make physician-assisted suicide legal in Michigan The bill is modeled after Oregon’s law, and requires two doctors to agree that the patient will likely die within six months. The patient would also have to be over 18 years-old, and meet certain criteria before getting medicine from a doctor that will end their life. Continue reading

New film argues women need equal protection under the law

MG_2225A new film explores what the director calls the assault on women’s rights in the U.S. and outlines the need for an Equal Rights Amendment explicitly giving women equal protection under the law.

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Pence stumps for Trump in Grand Rapids

Pence gets the crowd cheering during his speech in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pence gets the crowd cheering during his speech in Grand Rapids, MI.

During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Governor Pence joked that most people probably don’t know him. He tried to change that today during his first speech in Michigan since he was announced as Trump’s running mate.
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Sanders accuses Trump

trumbsandersMeeting with Michigan delegates today [Thursday]… Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders accused Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump of being a demagogue…who should never become president of the United States.

“We will do everything we can to defeat a candidate who insults Latinos and Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African-Americans.”

Sanders urged his most loyal supporters to back Hillary Clinton for president in November.

Several Michigan delegates say they can’t vote for the Democratic presidential nominee in November. They plan to vote for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Enbridge Energy reaches settlement over Kalamazoo River oil spill

f369230151edf0a4e0101cbd111732a1It was announced this week the company behind the 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill, Enbridge Energy, will pay 177 million dollars for the spill.

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Utah Senator Oren Hatch on Donald Trump

Trump Birch Run Press Conference 2Utah U-S Senator Oren Hatch told Michigan’s Republicans to vote for Donald Trump in November … because he says the alternative for president “couldn’t be worse.”

Hatch spoke to the state’s delegation to the Republican National Convention this morning.

“The reason we got to win this presidency is because the next president is going to have three to five members of the United States Supreme Court to nominate. And I can’t begin to tell you if it’s Hillary Clinton, we will be set back for well into a couple of generations.”

Hatch also spoke about his admiration for Michigan’s Paul Ryan…..referring to the Speaker of the House, who’s actually from Wisconsin.

An aide says the 82 year old Senator “misspoke.”

U.S Department of Justice aiming to prevent oil spills

DSC02249The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice aim to prevent future oil spills through a settlement with Enbridge Energy. Enbridge has agreed to pay out 177 million dollars for oil spills in the Kalamazoo River and Romeoville, Illinois.

Christie urges Republicans to get behind Trump

Trump0304-fotoMichigan’s delegates to the Republican National Convention cheered a former rival to Donald Trump….when he called for all Republicans to back the presumptive G-O-P presidential nominee.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was an hour late getting to the Michigan delegation meeting. But his message to the delegates was spot on time…and in tune with the sentiment with most in the room…

“If you’re a Republican, and you have voted for Republican nominees for president, and you’re not working for Donald Trump….you’re working for Hillary. That’s the bottom line.”

The delegation will hear from one of those other Republicans tomorrow [Tuesday].

Ohio Gov. John Kasich will speak to Michigan’s delegates…but he does not plan on attending the convention in Cleveland.

Disclosures reveal private wealth is being funneled into congressional races

THREE 100 DOLLAR ROLLSDisclosures released last week reveal congressional candidates in two primary races have spent a combined one million dollars of personal wealth on their campaigns just last quarter.

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