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Flint residents to receive new water test kits

Bottled Water In Cooler
As officials continue investigating the Flint water crisis, some attention is turning to the water faucets in people’s homes.

State officials said older faucets and other fixtures can provide a significant amount of lead in water. They said lead begins to seep into the water when it’s stagnant in the faucet.

Officials are encouraging Flint residents to test their water immediately after turning a faucet on, and again after the water has run. George Krisztian is the Flint Action Plan Coordinator for the DEQ.

“Residents will be receiving a kit with two bottles in it. One 250 to highlight that the lead is coming from the fixture, and a second going to demonstrate that after the 250 mL bottle that lead should go down significantly.”

Krisztian said current water fixtures have lower lead levels than older fixtures. The state wants to collect testing data and then make recommendations to residents on whether or not they should consider replacing fixtures.

Designation makes Flint eligible for healthcare worker recruitment programs

A new federal designation will make the area eligible for healthcare workforce recruitment and retention programs.

The designation indicates a shortage of personnel in the areas of medical, dental, and mental health care.

Jennifer Eisner is the spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Health. She said with the designation, the Flint area can tap into programs that will help keep healthcare professionals from leaving the region…

“So this is a really good opportunity to keep physicians in Flint, and recruit those who may consider going elsewhere to practice and entice them to come to Flint and service the population there.”

Eisner said the goal is to provide more healthcare options and create better patient outcomes in the Flint community.

Physician assistant suicide bill introduced by Michigan legislature

file8321273697614A new bill would make physician-assisted suicide legal in Michigan The bill is modeled after Oregon’s law, and requires two doctors to agree that the patient will likely die within six months. The patient would also have to be over 18 years-old, and meet certain criteria before getting medicine from a doctor that will end their life. Continue reading

New film argues women need equal protection under the law

MG_2225A new film explores what the director calls the assault on women’s rights in the U.S. and outlines the need for an Equal Rights Amendment explicitly giving women equal protection under the law.

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Pence stumps for Trump in Grand Rapids

Pence gets the crowd cheering during his speech in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pence gets the crowd cheering during his speech in Grand Rapids, MI.

During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Governor Pence joked that most people probably don’t know him. He tried to change that today during his first speech in Michigan since he was announced as Trump’s running mate.
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Sanders accuses Trump

trumbsandersMeeting with Michigan delegates today [Thursday]… Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders accused Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump of being a demagogue…who should never become president of the United States.

“We will do everything we can to defeat a candidate who insults Latinos and Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African-Americans.”

Sanders urged his most loyal supporters to back Hillary Clinton for president in November.

Several Michigan delegates say they can’t vote for the Democratic presidential nominee in November. They plan to vote for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.