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CMU, Faculty Association reach agreement

9f482c5139e70ca22f1d104684466925 Central Michigan University and its Faculty association are moving into the fall semester with a new contract. Perhaps a relief to both sides.

Negotiations three years ago went well in the school year and included a faculty strike.

This year, the two sides met for two-days to reach a contract.

Joshua Smith, the President of the Faculty Association said, to him, that looks like progress, “I think the fact that we’re talking about it right now, the end of July, is an indication that it went fairly well.”

This new contract is unique in that lasts five years, longer that any earlier agreement between the University and the Faculty.

Robert Boonin was the attorney who acted as spokesperson for the University. He said the longer contract shows trust between the two parties.

“I think it reflects that there’s just a lot of faith between the parties,” he said. “That they were able to hammer out an agreement that they think they can live with for five years and work together for five years under that agreement. So I think that it’s a very good indication as to the parties relationship.”