Time for shots, flu season is underway

flu shotsWith the temperatures starting to drop, it’s time to bundle up…and get your flu shot. The flu season is underway.

Flu activity commonly peaks between December and February. But health officials say it can begin as early as October and last until May.

Jennifer Smith is Public Information Officer for the State Department of Community Health.

She said it’s still too early in the flu season to determine the number of people getting vaccinated but she said health officials are prepared.

“We know that nationwide overall the amount of flu vaccine out there is greater this year at this time then it was last year. We know there was a slight delay in distribution to certain facilities depending on which vaccine they ordered; however, overall the supply is good and it should be able to meet and exceed the demand this season.”

Last year, doctors and health officials saw an increase in hospitalizations for H1N1 flu. Michigan was ranked the 4th worst in the nation for vaccination rates; at around 10 percent.

This year, Smith said health officials are working to promote vaccinations particularly among the population least likely to get vaccinated; young adults.

She said, “Specifically with the young adult population we have our flu challenge for the colleges and universities in Michigan. It’s very important for us to increase the vaccination rate among this population.”