Tech gifts are in this holiday season

file9221303090871With Black Friday approaching, holiday shoppers are no doubt looking for the best deals and the best gifts this holiday season.

Consumer analysts say, once again this year, technology gifts will be a huge hit.

Jennifer Jolly is a tech lifestyle columnist for USA today.

She said the biggest and best tech gifts this year are the ones that do more than one thing.

“Today we have things like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that is truly a laptop when you want it and a tablet when you need it.”

Jolly said for people who are less tech-savvy but trying to buy a tech gift for someone, your best bet is to take a look at the technology they already have.

“Are they using an iPhone, are they using an Android phone, do they have a five year old flip phone, what are they using for a laptop, do they even own a tablet? A lot of the time you just want to take their personality and lifestyle into account.”