Central Michigan University is launching a STEM-Agriculture partnership

CMU is partnering with a rural school to help students with STEM- that’s science, technology engineering and math.

And the partnership has an agricultural twist.

Officials at CMU are launching the partnership this month between student-teachers, and classroom teachers in St. Johns-an agricultural community.

Larry Corbett is with the College of Education and Human Services at CMU.

He said the partnership will help public school students learn useful STEM skills.

“But how does agriculture grow into this? Well, in large farming communities they’ll use these large pieces of equipment for cultivating and harvesting and so on. And they really drive them by GPS,” Corbett said.

Corbett said modern farmers also use drones for mapping water and fertilizer.

He said the skills students will learn will be applicable to their careers and life in an agricultural community.

He said it may not be obvious how farmers use STEM skills, but, technology like GPS and drones are a part of modern agriculture.

“They use drones to see where there’s areas that might need more water or less water or fertilizer and so on. Different chemicals for the soil. So there’s a lot of science and technology and math in the farming agricultural communities,” Corbett said.

He said the plans are for student-teachers to start working with students in January.