Federal funding boost for Great Lakes basin

great_lakesThe USDA is set to provide 1.2 billion dollars over five years to the Regional Conservation Partnership Program in order to improve water quality and wildlife habitats in the Great Lakes basin.

The USDA says it hopes to have that amount matched by their partners for a total of nearly $2 and a half billion.

Jennifer Holton of the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development says the grant money will go towards educating farmers about better conservation methods.

“The funding’s going to be used for two key projects here in the state. One within the Western Lake Erie basin and the other within the Michigan-Indiana St. Joseph watershed,” she said. “This money’s going directly to farmers to support new conservation practices. They are committed to implementing the best management practices to safeguard Michigan’s water resources.”

The money is slated to go towards five separate projects, three of which have to do with improving water quality.

Great Lakes Conservation Grant Information: