CDC: Half of Americans have chronic illness, company suggests social health networking

Maybe you had a New Years resolution to spend less time on social networks like Facebook. But a different kind of social network might just be what the doctor ordered.

One network is called “My Health Teams”. It’s a peer to peer social health network that works to connect people with chronic illnesses.

The My Health Teams network offers specific social networks online for people with chronic illnesses like lupus or multiple sclerosis.

Eric Peacock is CEO and Founder of My Health Teams. He said people living with a condition, can help others, peer-to-peer style.

He said the networks can make a difference particularly for rural residents.

“Not everyone lives near a big urban center where there’s a specific dedicated facility to your condition,” Peacock said, “And if you want to be able to connect with other people who are going through the same thing and you want to understand what treatments they’re getting, and what their experience has been like- It’s really hard to do that when you’re in these rural areas.”

MyHealth Team screen image.

MyHealth Team screen image.

Peacock said people with chronic conditions are not as concerned whether or not their connection is local. Rather, they connect with patients with the most similar challenges.

“We’re talking about a social network that’s just for other patients like you. And on it you’d do the things you’d expect you’d do on social networking. You find people like you, you connect with them, you share tips. You give support, you ask questions and so on and so forth,” Peacock said.

My Health Teams addresses nine chronic conditions in eight countries.

MyHealth Teams