As the flu season winds down, Health officials start preparing for the next

It’s that time of year.

The sun is shining, snow is melting, temps are climbing…and the flu season is winding down.

Despite some national areas still seeing activity, health officials say the flu season is winding down in most states, including Michigan.

Flu activity this year peaked between December and February, the typical high activity time, and like usual as we move into spring, flu activity is ramping down.

Jennifer Smith is Public Information Officer for the Department of Community Health.

She said,”The 2014-2015 flu season has been a heavy one. Now that being said, currently we are seeing most of the indicators that are used to track severity, we’re seeing those decline and level off.”

Smith said health officials are already preparing vaccines for the next flu season. They base vaccine decisions on predominant flu strains from previous seasons and on what’s currently circulating in other parts of the world.

She said, “What they do is make their best educated assumptions and guesses to formulate the vaccines for the upcoming seasons. Every year is different and the flu season is unpredictable, so they are using the best information that they have at the time to protect as many people as possible.”

Smith said the Department of Community Health will also be pushing vaccination education this year.

Last flu season, Michigan ranked fourth worst in the nation for vaccination rates.