Work begins on new water supply for Flint and Thumb

karegondiInstallation has begun on a pipeline intended to supply drinking water from Lake Huron to more than half a million people.

A partnership between five communities along the I-69 corridor is known as the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA).

The KWA is made up of the city of the city and county of Lapeer, Flint, Genesee and Sanilac county.

KWA’s goal is to supply fresh water by June of 2016, when the water will then be treated and distributed in the communities.

Three Michigan contractors are working on the laying the pipe, supplying jobs to over 1200 people.

The two pumping stations that will keep the water moving, both the lake and intermediate station are more than halfway completed.

Currently, the municipalities purchase water from the Detroit Water and Sewage Department, or DWSD.

Jeff Wright is the Genesee county drain commissioner and CEO of Karegondi Water Authority.

He says the communities needed to find a cheaper way to supply citizens with water.

Wright also said, “DWSD has raised our rates in double digits annually for the last 13 years.”

Genesee county paid $8 million to DWSD in 2001, and that this year the county will pay $28 million for the same volume of water, according to Wright.

Wright says the new system is projected to operate within the cost of living, with one to two percent increases annually.

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