More mosquitoes could mean fewer cases of West Nile



Larger mosquito populations this year may feel like a curse, but specialists have said it could be a blessing in disguise.

“More mosquitoes can actually mean fewer mosquito-borne diseases,” said Dr. Carl Doud. He’s a mosquito specialist with the Midland County Health Department.

“One thing to keep in mind that works in our advantage, given the fact that we have a lot of mosquitoes I don’t anticipate that this year will be bad for the diseases that can be associated with them such as west nile virus. You’ll often see a lot of West Nile virus when it’s dry and hot, believe it or not, it seems kinda counter-intuitive.”

Doud said mosquitoes thrive in cool wet weather which are the opposite of the conditions needed for a West Nile Virus outbreak.

He said if Michigan can avoid long spells of rain, the mosquitoes will die down within a few weeks.

“We’ll begin to see this crop of mosquitoes that emerged in June and early July begin to curtail within the next few weeks. But if we get more rainfall events, that will flood more areas, those eggs that are there and waiting to emerge will be available.”