National Geographic event in Gaylord

For the first time, this weekend, National Geographic has partnered with Michigan environmental groups to bring their Great Nature Project to the Great Lakes state.

National Geographic will be hosting a so-called bio-blitz in Gaylord.

This is the first large-scale contribution from Michigan to National Geographics Great Nature Project.

Lisa Marie Tobin is program coordinator for University Center Gaylord. She said this is a great chance for families to take part in nature together.

“There seems to be a lot of things out there focused either for children or adults. But there really isn’t as we begin to look around, something that brings all ages together. So that everyone from 5 years old up to 90, 95 can participate and learn.”

Tobin said the project is useful for everyone, not just scientists.

“The initiative inspires people to explore nature take pictures of living things and share their observations with the world. While at the same time providing data that can be used by scientists to answer scientific questions and provide useful information to decision makers.”

The Great Nature project is an attempt to document every plant and animal species, and where they reside, around the globe.

Families will use a free phone app to take pictures in order to help identify plant and animal life.

You can join Michigan’s first bio-blitz July 25th, from 9 to 3 at Treetops Project Nature near Gaylord.

For more information on the bio-blitz visit here.