Low prices prompt propane customers to lock in winter rates


Even though it’s still summer, Michigan propane customers should be thinking about staying warm in the winter.

The Michigan Agency for Energy says there is 13% more propane this year than years’ past.

That means prices are expected to be lower for Michigan customers.

Judy Palnau is a spokeswoman for the MAE. She said it’s important for people who heat with propane to look into renewing contracts and contacting suppliers.

“It’s important that customers lock in a price now which is very attractive, by doing so they typically get a better price, and they have established a relationship with the supplier, which could prove very useful in the event we have a harsh winter.”

Palnau said she has heard reports of prices from as low as $1.40 per gallon.

Pre-paid contracts should be locked in before October for the lowest prices.

Michigan leads the nation in the number of residential propane customers. Nearly 9% of households in the state use propane as their primary heating fuel.