Large scale puppy breeders may soon have to follow stricter guidelines

puppiesLawmakers in Lansing are considering legislation that would further regulate large scale breeding kennel operations.

The package of bills, being dubbed the “Puppy Protection Act,” would require puppy mills to register with the Department of Agriculture.

The department would then conduct periodic inspections and enforce stricter guidelines.

State Democratic Representative Christine Greig sponsored the bill that would require the registration. She says the proposal is important, and is seeing support from the public and on both sides of the aisle.christine creig

“To me it’s a consumer protection issue, as well as treating an animal humanely, and those stories are what really inspired me to do it” says Greig.

House Bill 4761 was introduced by Greig on Tuesday, July 14th. The bill outlined the guidelines that the breeding kennels would have to follow.

Some of those new guidelines under the Puppy Protection Act include: adequate food, housing and sanitation, and rest time in between breeding cycles.

Greig says if the package becomes a low, she hopes the Department of Agriculture will move quickly in enacting the licensing and inspections.

The bills have been referred to the House Committee on Regulatory Reform.