Report from the state reccomends dropping judges in Saginaw, Ingham counties


The stage is set for Saginaw and Ingham counties to each lose one Probate Court judge.

This stems from a report by the State Court Administrative office.

The report comes out every two-years, and suggests cuts or additions to judges for courts across the state.

Other suggestions include eliminating nine judges and adding three throughout Michigan.

Cuts would be made to the District Court judges in Detroit, Berrien County, Delta County, the 52nd District Court in Oakland County and the court serving Baraga, Houghton and Keweenaw counties.

One Probate Court judge would also be cut from each of the following counties: Saginaw, Ingham, Monroe and St. Clair.

Additions are to be made to the Circuit Court judge in Oakland, Macomb counties and Royal Oak.

The recommendations are based on data from each county’s court system about the number of cases and judges.

John Nevin is a communications director for the State Court Administration.

He said Saginaw County has seen a declining number of cases.

“The recommendation in Saginaw was made because there’s been a fairly dramatic drop in caseloads in recent years it’s dropped about 25%. So the court has an excess number of judges and so the analysis said that the best course of action would be to reduce by one probate judge.”

The cuts will save millions of taxpayer dollars, according to the State Court Administrative office.

“Statewide when we look at the number of judges that we’ve reduced in recent years it saves a lot of money, in fact once all of these cuts are implemented; there are others statewide, there’s 8 other reductions that are recommended in this round, all of those savings put together will save about 7 million dollars a year.”

Nevin said the cuts won’t be implemented until a judge leaves the bench.