2014 deer season down, according to DNR report

2011 Deer Camp, Menominee County, Michigan.

2011 Deer Camp, Menominee County, Michigan.

Deer hunting was down last season according to a report by the Michigan DNR.

The 2104 harvest was down 15 percent from 2013 according to the report.

The DNR says fewer hunters and harder winters both had an impact on the number of deer taken.

Chad Stewart is with the Michigan DNR.

“We had fewer hunters this year than we’ve had in the past. We had about 1.3 million licenses sold which was down about 11 percent from last year. Additionally the number of people who were actively hunting was down about seven percent.”

The U.P. had the biggest drop of any area, harvest were down 36 percent from 2013.

“The U.P. was hit by two really hard winters prior to that and then right before the firearm season there was a huge snowstorm that came through and that obvious effected hunter participation up there.”

Stewart said the DNR has been working on habitat management to help grow the deer population.

There are also new regulations on taking does and young deer.

Stewart said they are looking forward to a better season this year.