Northern Michigan beef herd tests positive for Bovine TB

For the second time this year, a northern Michigan beef herd has tested positive for Bovine Tuberculosis disease.MDARD

The small herd in Alcona County was found to be infected with Bovine TB during routine testing by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD.)

The herd is located in a part of Michigan where Bovine TB is common among wild deer. The deer in turn spread it to captive animal herds.

Jennifer Holton, the Communications Director for MDARD says this case requires minimal trace work, but the infected cows will be depopulated.

“It’s difficult on everyone whenever there’s a disease situation” Holton said.

Holton also said precautionary measures are in place to prevent TB outbreaks, such as routine annual testing of the cattle herds, mandatory animal IDs, movement certificate programs and a wildlife risk mitigation program.

“These programs help reduce the possibility of a herd becoming infected. It allows us to identify TB when it happens and it allows for a quick through response” she said.

Over 60 herds have tested positive for Bovine TB since it was first discovered in Michigan in 1998.

An informational meeting is planned for beef and dairy producers in Alcona County. It will be held at 7 PM, August 6th at the Barton City VFW off of Trask Lake Road.

The address is VFW Post 8136, 2118 W. Trask Lake Rd, Barton City, MI 48705.