Northwestern Michigan College joins international study abroad effort


Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City has joined an international effort to boost the number of students studying abroad.

NMC has partnered with the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Generation Study Abroad program to help push students to study the world.

Jim Bensley is the Director of International Studies at NMC.

“We need more students to understand the complexity of the world, to build a greater global consciousness and to really do that by having students take part in activities, educational and nature that occurs overseas.”

Bensley said students can gain scholarships, connections and endorsements through Generation Study Abroad.

Last year the Traverse City-based college sent around 80 students to 6 different countries on faculty-led excursions. This 2015-2016 school year they hope to increase that number to 100 students in 8 countries.

“By sending students overseas, we make them better human beings and we do that because it gets them to see another view point.. it gets them to understand different cultures. Employees with skills that are learned often times through study abroad, help bring in new clients, help the company work with diverse teams, and eventually support a good brand and reputation, so it makes our students more employable.”