Indoor farmers market set to come to the City of Harrison


Construction will begin soon on a new year-round farmers market in the City of Harrison.

The Clare County community was awarded nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to build a permanent farmers market. Right now, the market utilizes tents set up in a downtown parking lot.

The new market and kitchen will be a year-round venue.

Nate Scramlin is with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which provided the grant.

“We’re very excited I think to — number one — see this property redeveloped downtown, but I think this will greatly expand the grocery and fresh food options that they have available in the downtown area that really don’t exist right now.”

Scramlin said the improved farmers market will be a great asset to the community.

“We’re big on traditional downtown development, walkable communities, fresh food options and this project really hits on all of those elements.”

The kitchen will be available to those who want to prepare their food for the market, but do not have the means. Scramlin elaborates.

“There’s also going to be a community kitchen where folks can rent space or rent time in that kitchen — you know — it’s a very well equipped, license commercial kitchen where they can rent it and bring their recipe to market whatever it is that they’re trying to produce, they’ll be able to produce it there and then they can sell it there at the market.”

officals say construction will begin in late-August, and should be completed in time for next summer.