Three more petition drives to begin gathering signatures


A state elections board says three more petition drives have met the technical requirements that allow them to begin collecting signatures. All of them want the force the Legislature to change laws, or put questions on the 2016 ballot.

One of the petition drives seeks to require employers to offer paid sick and family leave.

Danielle Atkinson said she wants to solve a problem.

“The problem of people having to make the choice between the jobs they need and the families they love. Right now, 1.5 million Michiganders don’t have access to one hour of sick time.”

Tricia Kinley with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce said her organization is asking people to refuse to sign the petition.

“This would catapult Michigan into having the second-highest corporate income tax across the country, the highest in the Midwest and this would have huge consequences.”

Other petition drives would require companies to offer family and medical leave, and make Michigan a vote-by-mail state. All the drives are aiming to force the Legislature to adopt the laws or put questions on the 2016 ballot.