Justice Kelly leaving Michigan Supreme Court

michigansupremecourtMichigan Supreme Court Justice Mary Beth Kelly says she’s quitting halfway through her eight-year term to practice law in the private sector.

“I just came to the conclusion that these objectives that I set out to accomplish with the Supreme Court, those objectives have been met. And this was the right time for me, sort of personally and professionally to return to private practice.”

Kelly says she’s pleased to have dealt with juvenile justice issues on the court.

MBKellyWeb-smallAnd she says she’s happy the court has a restored sense of collegiality after a period of bickering and dysfunction.

“There is a great deal of comradery amongst us, and we do work well together, and a lot of collegiality, and we really like each other.”

Kelly is part of a five-to-two Republican majority on the court, and one of two female justices.

Kelly says her resignation is effective October first.

Governor Rick Snyder gets to name a replacement, who will run in 2016 to complete the term.