Mid-Michigan Community College to receive federal grant for TRIO program

logo-50thA federal grant for over $200­,000 has been awarded to Mid­-Michigan Community college.

The money is used to help high risk students with being successful at college.

Officials at Mid are scrambling now to enroll students before the September 1st program launch.

Mid is one of three Michigan colleges to receive federal funding for what is called the TRIO program.

Students accepted into TRIO can qualify if they’re first generation students or if they’re from low income families.

The grant money will go toward program costs, and for hiring two success coaches. Staff members will help students with things like navigating financial aid and selecting classes.

Theresa Borawski is the interim success coach for TRIO. She’s focused on the front end work right now.

“Right now our efforts will be on recruiting, developing the application form, hiring the support staff, the people that will be working with the grant, and getting them enrolled in the program and starting the ball rolling” says Borawski.

Borawski says TRIO will accept 140 students into the program.